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Sikuli Drivers
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is not the focus of development.
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bzr branch lp:sikuli/obsolete

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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
Sikuli 0.10 None 2010-05-04 Sikuli 0.10 is a big milestone. The core API of Sikuli Script has been comple...
Sikuli 0.10.2 2010-08-07 2010-08-08 This release introduces two new command line options --test to run Sikuli's u...
Sikuli 0.10.1 2010-05-24 2010-05-23 Fixed several critical bugs and memory leaks in 0.10. Supported 7 more langua...
Sikuli 0.9.9 2010-02-23 2010-02-24
Sikuli 0.9.8 2010-02-01 2010-02-02 Fixed a serious memory leak problem. Fully supported Linux! (i.e. global shor...
Sikuli 0.9.7 2010-01-27 2010-01-28 * [NEW] Scripts can be exported as executable files (.skl) - double-click on ...
16 of 6 results

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