Sikuli 1.0.1 "ServiceUpdate 1.0.1"

We now have a setup, only one jar containing all stuff, native libs folder and needed settings are created at runtime on the fly, some more bugs fixed and those from the version 1.0.0 that hurts

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ServiceUpdate 1.0.1
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download icon (md5) New per 2014 Feb 20th: Having problems with bundled Try to build it using this package. NEW VERSION: More Automatics! Should do the job on more Linux systems (for version 1.0.1 ONLY !!!) download - unzip - LOOK into README.txt !!! 15,488
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon sikuli-setup.jar (md5) One setup for all systems (15300) - download in an empty folder and double-click - read carefully before clicking any option 276,848
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 292,336

Release notes 

On Windows10 and OSX 10.10 use version 1.1.0 (

Latest Build: November 12th
see the ChangeLog for the latest hot fixes

The stuff downloaded during setup is no longer on Dropbox, but now on launchpad in a different account.

See Faq 2363 when having problems with the setup's internal downloads.

one setup for all systems and Sikuli variants
--- carefully read here the release notes before starting
--- download, run it and read carefully before clicking any options

Read for IDE:
Read for Script:

The steps on all systems:
1. download sikuli-setup.jar to a user writeable folder
2. double click sikuli-setup.jar
    or in folder use java -jar sikuli-setup.jar
3. make your choices and run setup
4. hope that all works without errors

Use the stuff, if all worked well!

... and again: to really have fun: read the latest release info at the above links.

It might be of value, to have a look at the full change log below too ;-)


View the full changelog

History of hot bug fixes in version 1.0.1
after release of original 1.0.1, newest first:

----------------------------------------------------- (September 12 at 5 pm gmt+1)
bug 1224481 ScriptJython: exitcode not returned using exit(n)
bug 1223741 IDE: Windows: imported images missing at 2nd run
bug 1222722 IDE: save after load image
bug 1221658 image filename starting with b
bug 1218164 WHEEL_DOWN is back
bug 1216334: (IDE) usage of absolute filenames (September 2 at 9 pm gmt+1)
bug 1216338: name WHEEL_DOWN unknown in script (September 2 at 9 pm gmt+1)
bug 1216338: name FindFailed unknown in script (August 25 at 9 pm gmt+1)
bug 1214789: name Button unknown in script (August 25 at 9 pm gmt+1)
bug 1212706: (all): observe onChange / run in background (August 20 at 2 pm gmt+1)
bug 1213439: (IDE): preview problems on multi-screen (August 20 at 2 pm gmt+1)
new version of sikuli-setup.jar (offline setup, upgrade) (August 16 at 9 pm gmt +1)
bug 1212763 (IDE, Script): Windows: paths corrupted (August 16 at 4 pm gmt +1)
bug 1211878 (IDE, Script): option -h exception (August 14 at 10 am gmt +1)
bug 1211527 (IDE): Windows: Problem with Preview dialog (August 13 at 1 pm gmt +1)

(IDE, Script, Java) denote the affected packages (setup options 1 ... 4, packs 1 .. 3)
to get the fixed version of your packages, run setup again, if your last setup run
was before the mentioned fix date and you need the fix.

All bug fixes after release of 1.0.0 and future fixes have milestone 1.1.0 in the bug list.
They are tagged as CRITICAL and FIX COMMITTED if the fix is already available with 1.0.x
... and contain [1.0.x ok] at the beginning of the bug title

--- we now have a setup ...
... you start with one setup.jar for all systems
... select your options
... run the setup
... and get your packages downloaded automatically as only one jar
... that contains everything needed
... and does at runtime, what is needed to have the native stuff available
... and a basic function test is done at the end of the setup
every time, you run the setup again, you will get the latest version of the respective packages.

--- Windows: the Windows key now works finally ;-)
- type(Key.WIN) will open the start menu
- type("r", Key.WIN) will open the run dialog box
... and the other possible combinations

--- observe is reworked and options are added
--- it is more verbose with higher debug levels
--- it still stops observing after the first match (even in background with FOREVER)
--- if you want to run it continually, use
which will continue the observe after having waited the given seconds (e.g. to give time to the GUI for changes)
--- it is internally counted, how often the handler was visited, so it is now possible to decide in the handler wether to stop the observe after some time using e.g.
if event.getCount() > 10: event.stopObserver()
So there is no longer the need to stop the observation in the main script after some time.
... and yes: event.stopObserver() is now sufficient (instead of event.region.stopObserver() )
--- running background observers are now stopped automatically at script end

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