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0.4.15-sr1 release from the 0.4.15 series released 2021-04-11

Release information
Release notes:

Fix several important bugs in 0.4.15-final, one of them critical.


    - Keep old Arduinos available (needed for old circuits by now).
    - New Arduinos as experimental.

Bug Fixes:
    - Critical: Undo Rev 97, changes in eNode break simulation.
    - Wires not updating correctly when Circuit is animated.
    - Crash: attach+detach+attach Sield.
    - Boards: error in some Pin angles.
    - Boards(Subcircuits): Childs moving if selected.
    - Subcircuit: Tunnels not properly initialized.
    - New Arduinos: make shields usable for all Arduinos.
    - DC Motor wrong speed indicator.
    - KY40 not working.
    - Oscope: Missing graphic if no wave detected.
    - Oscope: Error changing Time Div in box.
    - Oscope not working at long Time Div.
    - Oscope: fix square wave at low freq & long Time Div.
    - Oscope & LA: pulses not shown when subsample is active.
    - Oscope & LA: Connect to Tunnel not working
    - Logic Analizer: wrong defaul Volt. Div.
    - Tunnels: Error after renaming.
    - Tunnels: Connection error in some cases.
    - Crash deleting MCU and then running simulation.
    - MCU extra step time not in sync with Simulation time.
    - 7 Seg BCD not working in Subcircuits.

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download icon (md5) Windows 32 676
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download icon simulide_0.4.15-SR1.AppImage (md5) Linux AppImage 543
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download icon SimulIDE_0.4.15-SR1_Lin64.tar.gz (md5) Linux 64 453
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download icon simulide_0.4.15-SR1_Sources.tar.gz (md5) Sources 216
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Total downloads: 6,870

0.4.15-final release from the 0.4.15 series released 2021-04-03

Release information
Release notes:

0.4.15-Final (ubstable)

This Series reached "final" state, which means that it will not receive new features or hardcoded components (maybe subcircuits).

Next step in development proccess is testing and fixing bugs and other problems.


    - Arduinos to Subcircuits.
    - "About SimulIDE" dialog updated.

New Features:
    - Update Oscope to V3.
    - Dutch translation by mvandorp.
    - Increase Frequency meter resolution to 5 digits.
    - SSD1306 I2C Address property.
    - Load and Save to file for Function Component.
    - I2C to Parallel: read implemented.
    - Update to new Subcircuits.
    - Oscope Hide Channel implemented.
    - Resizable Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
    - Binary Couter: add Set Pin.
    - Clock and WaveGen exact frequency.
    - Czech translation and help files (by vranik).
    - Oscope & Analizer extended time frame.
    - MCU Monitor.
    - Open Component Properties at Double-Click.
    - Arduino Shields (experimental).
    - Memories: Show Memory Table (editable).
    - Turkish translation (by Aejwt).

Bug Fixes:
    - AVR: I2C not working after circuit restart.
    - I2C module interfering pullups.
    - AudioOut: Crash when no audio output device found (by acebrian).
    - Arduino compiler can't find includes.
    - Audio Output cracking souds.
    - Ampmeter & Voltmeter wrong decimals.
    - AVR "bricks" after avrcpu crash.
    - PIC MCUs not recovering from MCLR.
    - Hd44780 Error on command = 0.
    - AVR can miss port states in some cases.
    - Crash setting Keypad rows or cols to 0.
    - Some Pic Package errors.
    - Redraw trazes in inverted Pins, SevenSegment and SwitchDip.
    - Logic devices with Input Enable not working in Subcircuits.
    - Memory not working in subcircuits.
    - AVR Aref Pin not working.
    - AVR Timer1 not working in CTC OCRA mode (4).
    - Crash on matrix inf values.
    - Oscope initialization issues.
    - Oscope not showing DC values.
    - Arduino: not showing variables in RamTable.
    - Package asking to be saved when it's unmodified.
    - DC Motor problems.
    - AVR SPI not working.
    - Arduino Nano package error.
    - Circuit: Copy/Paste missing connectors.
    - Chip: show Id property overriden at initChip.
    - Frequencymeter Wrong readings in some cases.
    - Latch D: Size error when no OE and no Tristate.
    - Several subcircuit fixed (sergey Roenko).
    - Several Oscope issues.
    - FlipFlop not shown in non english languages.
    - Subcircuits not saving Main Component properties.
    - Subcircuit label wrong pos in old circuits.
    - Pic12F683 CCP1If flag not set.
    - Wrong Build date in About Widget.
    - Switches:label not hidden in Subcircuits.
    - PIC: Crash creating Mclr Pin.
    - Errors in some PIC packages.
    - MCU EEPROM: First value = 0.
    - PIC16F887 ADC Channel 7 not working.
    - All Variable Resistors: Errors in value multipliers.
    - Program freezes sometimes at Simulation restart.
    - Subcircuits not working after pasting.
    - Subcircuits fixed (sergey Roenko):
      7445, 74137, 74138, 74139, 74141,
      74145, 75154, 744028, 744514, 744515

New Components:
    - aip31068 I2C LCD (by acebrian).
    - Max72xx Led matrix (by acebrian).
    - Ky-023 Joystic (by Jan K. S.).
    - KY-040 Rotary Encoder (by Jan K. S.).
    - RTD PT100 (by Benoit ZERR).
    - Strain Gauge (by Benoit ZERR).
    - 74XX189.
    - FlipFlop RS.
    - Ili9341 TFT display.
    - Logic Analizer basic implementation.
    - atmega8515 (by avklab)
    - New Subcircuits (by sergey Roenko):
        K176IE3, K176IE4, K176IE5, K176IE12,
        74640, 74643, 74645
        7489, 74200, 74219, 74301.
        7497, 74184, 74185, 74502, 74503,
        CD4054, CD4055, CD4056,
        K155ID11, K155ID13, 564Ik2
        L298, ULN2001, ULN2803

File Description Downloads
download icon (md5) Windows 64 784
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download icon (md5) Windows 32 164
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download icon SimulIDE_0.4.15-Final.AppImage (md5) Linux AppImage 71
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download icon SimulIDE_0.4.15-Final_Lin64.tar.gz (md5) Linux 64 82
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download icon simulide_0.4.15-Final_Sources.tar.gz (md5) Sources 48
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Total downloads: 1,149