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StormLib MPQ archiving utility

SMPQ is StormLib MPQ archiving utility. This utility is designed for full
manipulating with Blizzard MPQ archives. It supports extracting, appending,
renaming and deleting files in MPQ archives. It also can create MPQ archive.
SMPQ can access to different type of MPQ archives and version. It support
encrypted, compressed, partial and patched MPQ archives with version 1-4.
SMPQ is free opensource command line utility written in C/C++ which use
multiplatform C++ StormLib library.

Part of SMPQ is KDE4 KIO plugin which add support for all KDE4 applications
(e.g. Konqueror, Dolphin, Kate, ... and all KDE4 open/save dialogs) access to
MPQ archives like to directory or network drive (or FTP). This is simple way
how to integrate MPQ support on KDE4 desktop (There is no need to use some MPQ
viewer/editor. All KDE4 application can open MPQ archives in read/write mode).

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Latest version is 1.6

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  • Version 1.6 on 2016-12-13
    New version 1.6 was released.
  • Version 1.5 on 2016-03-27
    New version 1.5 was released.
  • Version 1.4 on 2011-10-19
    Bugfix version 1.4 was released.
  • Version 1.3 on 2011-07-09
    Bugfix version 1.3 was released.
  • Version 1.2 on 2011-04-18
    Bugfix version 1.2 was released.