SocNetV version 1.2 released with many new features!

Written for SocNetV by Dimitris Kalamaras on 2014-08-19

SocNetV version 1.2 has just been released! It features a major GUI overhaul and brings in a new "prominence indices" conceptualization based on Wasserman & Faust. In general, Centrality indices focus on outLinks (choices given) while Prestige indices consider inLinks (choices received).

This version offers 3 Prestige indices (Degree, Proximity and PageRank), new reachability measures (Walks, Connectedness, and Reachability Matrix), many new visualization layouts based on the new indices, and fixes a slew of bugs in indices calculation. All algorithms are now tested to report 100% correct results.

Source code and binaries for Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE as well as a disk image for Max OS X 10.9 are available in

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