Dimitris holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master Science in Informatics and Computational Mathematics. A free software advocate for more than a decade, he was Editor-in-Chief of Greek Linux Format and Linux Inside magazines, and served as CTO of www.iefimerida.gr, the best news/opinion oriented website in Greece. He likes programming, web development and social network analysis research, and programs in C++ with the powerful Qt toolkit, PHP, Javascript, etc.

He's a proud father of two beautiful girls and he loves his wife, Helen.


During 2013 I enjoyed working as technical project manager in OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, helping various projects to flourish.

During 2011-2012 I was also entertaining myself as editor in chief of "Linux Inside", which was a bimonthly Greek magazine specializing in Linux and free software. The publication has stopped but we continue our website at https://www.linuxinsider.gr. Before that I was the editor-in-chief of the Greek edition of Linux Format magazine (2005-2008).

In my spare time, I develop Social Networks Visualizer, a cross-platform scientific application for social network analysis and visualization. The project's website is at https://socnetv.org, and the code is hosted at Github. A copy of the git tree is also imported here in Launchpad. The application is written in C++/Qt and run in Windows, Mac and Linux. Binary packages are available at https://socnetv.org/downloads.

I have also developed a funny mobile-first tile game, called CMYK3 (https://cmyk3.com), where you must align three same-colored tiles to score.
The game is developed in Javascript/Jquery with some SVG animations.

Last but not least, together with my wife, we maintain a website on greek cuisine full of delicious recipes: https://www.supersyntages.gr as well as a website about dream interpretation (https://www.oneirokriths123.com) and a website with popular fairy tales in Greek (http://www.paidika-paramythia.gr). If you know Greek, check them out! In this case, you might want to check out https://www.zwdia123.org.

See my blog at http://dimitris.apeiro.gr and contact me if you like!

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