A Greek living in Irakleion, Athens. Trained in Mathematics and Computing (B.Sc, M.Sc), I love teaching math to youngsters, but I also enjoy C++ programming with the powerful Qt toolkit and developing websites with the powerfull PHP platform called Drupal.

I work as CTO at Synapsis New Media Network S.A., where we developed and run www.iefimerida.gr, the best news/opinion oriented website in Greece. We have also developed www.coppa.gr, a website dedicated to sports and related news.

During 2013 I enjoyed working as technical project manager in OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, helping various projects to flourish.

During 2011-2012 I was also entertaining myself as editor in chief of "Linux Inside", which was a bimonthly Greek magazine specializing in Linux and free software. The publication has stopped but we continue our website at http://www.linuxinside.gr.

In the past (2005-2008), I was the editor-in-chief of the Greek edition of Linux Format magazine.

In my spare time, I develop Social Networks Visualiser, a cross-platform scientific application for social network and graph analysis/visualisation. The project's website is at http://socnetv.sourceforge.net, but development is focused here in Launchpad.

In the past I started a project called Qt Disk Catalog, a multi-platform media cataloger, which is hosted here at Launchpad:
https://launchpad.net/qdiskcatalog although I haven't managed to release something useful. :)

Last but not least, together with my wife, we maintain a website on greek cuisine full of delicious recipes: http://www.supersyntages.gr as well as a website about dream interpretation (http://www.oneirokriths123.com). If you know Greek, check them out! In this case, you might want to check out http://www.zwdia123.org or http://www.webzein.gr.

See my blog at http://dimitris.apeiro.gr and contact me if you like!

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The user should be able to control if isolate nodes are considered when calculating various indices
SocNetV needs to provide methods for the identification of cohesive subgroups in one-mode networks. - cliques -n-cliques -n-clans and n-clubs -k-plexes - matrix permutation approaches
SocNetV should be able to parse and load multiple relations from the same Pajek file. i.e. *Network "4 possible graphs of N=5" *Vertices 5 1 "1" ic red 0.221583 0.644042 circle 2 "2" ic red 0.233094 0.351433 circle 3 "3" ic red 0.696403 0.328808 ...
SocNetV should allow the user to set node colors in RGB format and load files with color in RGB format (#RRGGBB). Underneath, SocNetV already supports colors in RGB format, but it does not show the user a QColorDialog to select such a color. Rather it simply lists the color keywords defined by the W3C consortium (h...
The problem was that the calculation of std IDC' was done by dividing IDC with the number of vertices minus 1. That was okay for non-weighted graphs. But not for weighted graphs. I changed the code so that if the graph is weighted, SocNetv calculates IDC' by dividing IDC with the sum of IDCs. And it seems okay but w...

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