Dimitris holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master Science in Informatics and Computational Mathematics. A free software advocate for more than a decade, he was Editor-in-Chief of Greek Linux Format and Linux Inside magazines. He likes programming, web development and social network analysis research, and programs in C++ with the powerful Qt toolkit, PHP, Javascript, etc.

He is the CTO of www.iefimerida.gr, the best news/opinion oriented website in Greece and a proud father of two beautiful girls. He loves his wife, Helen.


During 2013 I enjoyed working as technical project manager in OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, helping various projects to flourish.

During 2011-2012 I was also entertaining myself as editor in chief of "Linux Inside", which was a bimonthly Greek magazine specializing in Linux and free software. The publication has stopped but we continue our website at http://www.linuxinsider.gr. Before that I was the editor-in-chief of the Greek edition of Linux Format magazine (2005-2008).

In my spare time, I develop Social Networks Visualizer, a cross-platform scientific application for social network analysis and visualization. The project's website is at http://socnetv.org, and the code is hosted at https://github.com/socnetv/app. A copy of the git tree is also imported here in Launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/socnetv. The application is written in C++/Qt and run in Windows, Mac and Linux. Binary packages are available at http://socnetv.org/downloads.

I have also developed a funny mobile-first tile game, called CMYK3 (http://cmyk3.com), where you must align three same-colored tiles to score.
The game is developed in Javascript/Jquery with some SVG animations.

Last but not least, together with my wife, we maintain a website on greek cuisine full of delicious recipes: http://www.supersyntages.gr as well as a website about dream interpretation (http://www.oneirokriths123.com). If you know Greek, check them out! In this case, you might want to check out http://www.zwdia123.org or http://www.webzein.gr.

See my blog at http://dimitris.apeiro.gr and contact me if you like!

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In eigenvector centrality, we must calculate the principal eigenvector of the network. In this respect, a node is central to the extent that its neighbors are central. Using the adjacency matrix to find eigenvector centrality For a given graph G:=(V,E) with |V| number of vertices let A = (a_{v,t}) be the adjacenc...
SocNetV should read and write multi-relational data. At the moment (version 2.0 released), the user can create multi-relational networks in SocNetV. But when saving the data to GraphML file or exporting to Pajek, only the current relationship is saved. See related bug. As for reading multirelational data, at the m...
USER INPUT / FEATURE REQUEST I am a PhD student interested in social network analysis (SNA)of mythological texts. My application to SNA is mainly to the humanities and I write my codes in python. I have been interested by some visualization aspects of your program SocNetv but my problem is getting to read a file i...
GML (Graph Modelling Language) is a file format for graphs. It has simple syntax, consisting of hierarchical key-value lists. See Technical Report here: http://www.fim.uni-passau.de/fileadmin/files/lehrstuhl/brandenburg/projekte/gml/gml-technical-report.pdf A quite large set of test files can be reached here: ...
SocNetV should offer the user procedures for analyzing the social prosition/role of nodes and their structural similarities. The user should be able to identify subsets of similar nodes by performing: - basic positional analysis using measures based on the mathematical notion of structural equivalence (i.e. Eucli...

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