SocNetV version 1.3 released - Brings multiple relation editing

Written for SocNetV by Dimitris Kalamaras on 2014-08-28

A new version of Social Networks Visualizer is available. SocNetV v1.3 brings new and important features as well as bugfixes and optimizations.

* New feature: Multirelational networks
Starting from version 1.3, SocNetV supports multiple relations, that is networks with ties of different kind between actors.

The first time a link is created in a network, SocNetV asks the user to name (or label) the new relation between actors/nodes.

The user may add add more relations to the network by pressing the + button in the toolbar and switch between relations by clicking the previous and next arrow buttons in the toolbar. Have fun!

* Vast memory and speed optimization
SocNetV 1.3 can load (or create) and display networks of 1000 actors and 10000 edges without a problem using under 400MB RAM. And it does this fast too!

* Home directory for SocNetV
From now on, SocNetV saves all reports and its data to $HOME/socnetv-data.

* UCINET import fixes:
Fixed UCINET import to support multiple matrices.

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