SocNetV version 1.4 released

Written for SocNetV by Dimitris Kalamaras on 2014-09-01

Today is a fine day to release another SocNetV update. Version 1.4 brings consistency to the application since it fixes many long standing bugs (i.e. #514264 and #713617) while ups its capabilities with new features.

For instance a new feature is that SocNetV may now layout the social network so that node sizes reflect a selected prominence index score of each node. And this can be done for every index that SocNetV calculates: Degree, Closeness, Influence Range Closeness, Betweeness, PageRank, Proximity, Eccentricity, Power, etc.

Furthermore, version 1.4 lets you import edgelist1 UCINET format i.e.

    1 2 4
    1 3 2
    1 6 2
    1 8 2

Also, we changed the shortcuts for node and edge removal to Ctrl+Backspace and Shift+Backspace respectively. Furthermore, you can now click on a node and then press Ctrl+Backspace to remove it (the same goes for edges).

As usual a new but well-known dataset has been added, with four different versions. It is Freeman's EIES networks which you can recreate either in multirelational mode (32 actors) or in one single relation of 48 actors.

See the complete ChangeLog for more info and complete list of bugfixes.

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