1.1.5 Charting improvements, greater robustness, and bug fixes

Written for SOFA Statistics by Grant Paton-Simpson on 2012-05-27

Charts now have the option of rotated (vertical) x-axis labels. This can be useful for longer labels.
Scatterplots now focus on the data better by starting axes just below the minimum x and y values of the data unless the value is close enough to 0 to make it worth using 0 anyway.
Numeric values are right justified in data tables.
Kurtosis values in the normality test include the Fischer adjustment (subtracting 3).
Duplicated field names in imports are given unique suffixes and allowed (now that they are unique).
Excel importing now handles times without dates.
More date formats are accepted when importing data.
Better guidance on data preparation before importing data.
More robust handling of variable definition files if corrupted.
Note: if upgrading on Linux, the two user folders (sofastats and sofastats_recovery) may be shifted from inside your home folder to a better location e.g. "/home/username/Documents" if free desktop standards are supported. After upgrading you may wish to manually replace the contents of the new folders with the contents of the old ones.

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