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solvelen determines the numerical solution of the Lane-Emden equation of
polytropic index n. Specifically, the application resolves the equation in
situations of physical interest, this is, in the case of polytropic spheres
with boundary conditions finite. Such situations happen when the polytropic
index take values between -1<n<5.

===: News
* Man page for language portuguese.
* Development documentation with doxygen.

===: Features
* Calculates the first root, numerical value of the derivative in the root.
* Values frequently associated to the Lane-Emden functions: density ratio (media to central), dimensionless mass and dimensionless pressure.
* solvelen is available in languages english, spanish, portuguese and latin.
* The program documentation is in spanish, see solvelen-doc.pdf in the downloads zone.

===: Installation on your platform
* View INSTALL file inside source code for compilation.
* Packages binaries available for:
  - Linux Debian Stretch
  - Linux Ubuntu Bionic
  - Linux Fedora 29

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Mike Molina
Mike Molina

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