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A GUI for the sopcast streaming client.

SopLaunch will launch a given sopcast stream and open it with VLC/mplayer or a custom video viewer.

SopLaunch for now requires the sopcast client(sp-sc-auth) to be installed, and of course VLC or mplayer if you want to use those to watch the stream.
The .deb-package, which is for Ubuntu Gutsy i386, has no dependencies.

Known bugs:
*The program "freezes" when opening a stream. There probably is a simple workaround for this, but for now I just want to see if someone is actually going to use this program.
*The way Soplaunch handles the sp-sc-auth process is awful. The stream is launched as a separate process, so when you want to close the stream you manually have to look up and kill the process sp-sc-auth

Type in the command soplaunch in a terminal or something.
The soplaunch GUI should now start. Type in the address to the stream and press launch.
The program will "freeze" for 20 seconds, because soplaunch waits 20 seconds for the stream to buffer before launching the video software and opening the stream.

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Latest version is 0.25
released on 2007-12-28

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