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13:56 PDT on Monday, 2013-04-15
13:56 PDT on Thursday, 2013-04-18
Oregon Convention Center 777 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Portland, Oregon 97232

Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for Havana Summit OpenStack Heat they are:

You should contact the meeting driver if you have any additional questions about the structure or agenda of the meeting.


Latest 5 additions to the meeting agenda

Support Windows Instances for OpenStack Heat
There is an effort to provide cloud-init functionality for windows (, and aws supports customization of Windows instances via their cfnbootstrap tools, so we could look at adding windows support to our cfntools, and ultimately providing full support for launc...
Move to using ceilometer as the metric/alarm back-end for our Cloudwatch resources - this will require several in-progress new features in ceilometer, and rework in heat to make our current metric logic pluggable so it can be optionally replaced by ceilometer. This blueprint will be used to track which ceilometer f...
Volume Snapshots for OpenStack Heat
Implement Volume Snapshots similar to what is available with EBS on EC2 Cinder snapshots are subtely different than EC2 ones, in the sense that they require the original volume to still be alive. Thus, backups seem like a better fit for this use case: W...
To make templates more powerful (like what the loadbalancer resource does internally) we need to automatically trigger a stackupdate after a cloudwatch alarm action (one that causes changes to the stack).
Template Organization for OpenStack Heat
The number of templates in /templates has grown to a level where a single directory is somewhat unmanageable. Several ideas including external repos or sub-directories have been discussed.

There are a total of 30 specifications on the meeting agenda. There are 7 specifications proposed which the organisers will review. You can view the full current agenda here.