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Stack.PHP is a PHP wrapper for the Stack Exchange API providing essential services such as caching, request throttling, and pagination.

This library provides everything you need to access the Stack Exchange API and more. You can access every single method using Stack.PHP and you can do it with a well-organized and efficient set of classes. Worried about finding your way around? Stack.PHP comes with 100% complete documentation for every parameter of every method of every class. Worried about sending too many requests? Don't worry, Stack.PHP ships with built-in support for rate-limiting and two flexible caching classes that cache data retrieved from the API. Worried about bugs? Stack.PHP includes a full test suite that has helped eliminate bugs and even discovered some subtle bugs in the API itself!

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Latest version is 0.5

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  • Stack.PHP 0.5 Released! on 2012-03-08
    After months of hard work, Stack.PHP 0.5 is now ready to be released. Not muc...
  • Stack.PHP 0.5 beta 1 Released on 2012-01-21
    The first beta in the 0.5 series is now available for download! What's new in...
  • Stack.PHP 0.4 Released! on 2011-12-09
    Stack.PHP 0.4 has been released! This version is a total and complete overhau...
  • Added Date Functions on 2010-06-28
    stack.PHP now has a nice function that when given a timestamp will return a n...