Stellarium 0.12.2 has been released!

Written for Stellarium by Alexander Wolf on 2013-08-04

Release of Stellarium version 0.12.2 is now available.

New features: variable stars, re-packed star catalogs (Hipparcos and Tycho-2),
 improvements for plugins, scripting engine and search tool. New version of the
 Satellites plug-in (0.8.1) with features:
 - automatic adding of new satellites on update from selected update sources;
 by default, only new naked-eye satellites are auto-added
 - automatic removal of satellites if they are no longer listed in the update
 - "user-defined" flag protecting satellites from update/removal
 - satellites can be added to/removed from satellite groups from the GUI
 - custom satellite groups can be defined
 - the default satellite group names and satellite descriptions are translatable

A huge thanks to our community whose contributions help to make Stellarium better!

We updated the Solar System file and shortcuts file, so if you have an existing Stellarium installation, it is possible that you need to reset the settings after you install the new version.

You can download new version from or websites (Note: package for Mac OS X will be published later).

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