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It would be nice to request a list of things in your sky for that location/time. Right now you have to scan/pan/zoom around to find things to plan your nights observations. It would be nice to have the software show a list of all Messier objects, NGC objects etc. for your location/time. In the list show Mag, loca...
Additional un-install options for Stellarium's Windows installer, allowing the removal of old configuration files, etc. Selectable option levels in the un-installer: "Delete also:" - All user data (remove user data directory) -- Configuration file (and last run log) -- Star catalog files -- Plug-ins (including plug...
New sky cultures for Stellarium Skycultures
Add many new historical and modern a sky cultures.
Variable stars for Stellarium
I propose to make the sky more realistic - to take into account the variable stars, for which the brightness of the display in accordance with their current phase of brightness. At least, if not for all the variables - for the best known is quite possible to do so. Skills needed: C++, Basic astronomy knowledge

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