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Currently Stellarium already uses a semi-experimental coefficient for GRS drift, and this correction works for a short period. Ideally we should extend this short period and simulate a longer period - around the past 200 years where observations are available. To solve this task we can use data from the JUPOS websit...
Stellarium DSO catalog for Stellarium
The NGC catalog used in Stellarium currently has many mistakes. We need make new catalog of DSO who provide more accurate data of the nebulas and more information about the type of the nebulae. This info could be used to use icons matching the type of nebula, and also to draw ellipses for galaxies. Also we can used...
New sky cultures for Stellarium Skycultures
Add many new historical and modern a sky cultures.
Variable stars for Stellarium
I propose to make the sky more realistic - to take into account the variable stars, for which the brightness of the display in accordance with their current phase of brightness. At least, if not for all the variables - for the best known is quite possible to do so. Skills needed: C++, Basic astronomy knowledge

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