0.16.0RC1: Call to translators

Written for Stellarium by Alexander Wolf on 2017-06-11

We plan to release Stellarium 0.16.0 around June 21 (at the moment first release candidate was published for the testing of planetarium and translations checking).

This will an another major release with fixes of bugs and a few new important features - another one step to version 1.0. This version has many changes in the GUI and we added many new lines for translation. If you can assist with translation to any of the 140 languages which Stellarium supports, please go to Launchpad Translations and help us out: https://translations.launchpad.net/stellarium

If you can help translate description of sky cultures and landscapes on your language then we would be grateful to you for this. You need a create your branch, add 'description.YOUR-LANG-CODE.utf8' files from description.en.utf8 and translate it!

You can send translated description.YOUR-LANG-CODE.utf8 files to me for adding in Stellarium also.

Thank you!

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