subtitleeditor 0.36 series

 Subtitle Editor 0.36 series is released and you can download it

2010-04-06 - Subtitle Editor 0.36.2 released

Subtitle Editor 0.36.2 is released.

    * New subtitle format SBV
    * Small fixes (typo and HIG)
    * New Greek translation (by Manolis Stefanis)
    * Update French translation

2010-03-22 - Subtitle Editor 0.36.1 released

Subtitle Editor 0.36.1 is released.

    * Reorganize the menu file with a sub-menu import and export
    * Fix bug #15525 : Video playback doesn't work
    * Fix bug #15374 : gtkmm-2.14 has not Gtk::Action set_stock_id
    * Fix bug #15464 : segfault on waveform generation
    * Fix build error with the WaveformRendererGL

2010-02-02 - Subtitle Editor 0.36.0 released

    * Two new plugins : sortsubtitles, typewriter
    * Update the extension of the filename when the format change (dialog save)
    * Add 'Open Project' and 'Save Project' in the menu File
    * Cleanup in the menu File
    * Improve Waveform Generator
    * Fix crash caused by the text correction tool
    * Fix an undesirable behavior with the cell editing
    * Fix leak caused by an uninitialized value (waveform)
    * Fix bug #14915 : Add the possibility of choice of an audio track to the player
    * Fix bug #15101 : Comments are not merged while merging subtitles
    * Fix bug #15085 : last subtitle remains visible after playing in video player
    * Fix bug #14651 : Subtitle sorting option. (see sortsubtitles plugin)

Patch: Philip J├Ągensted

    * Fix bug #15084 : default to the document format when saving translations
    * Fix bug #15095 : gracefully exit if e.g. subtitleeditor.ui is missing
    * Fix bug #15032 : Update duration value after EOS signal (waveform generator)
    * Fix bug #15032 : stuck in infinite loop for bad duration and other problems with duration (waveform)

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