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This project is a collection of six specific managers which, together, extend the Synergy service capabilities. It aims to add to OpenStack a complementary resource allocation and scheduling model, besides the legacy one. The adopted approach is based on advanced batch system strategies and in the long term, it is able to ensure the projects a higher average computing capacity than the one provided by fixed quotas. Those managers allow the administrator to define a pool of resources to be shared among projects. Such a pool is called “shared quota” and gives to the OpenStack projects the opportunity to consume extra resources in addition to those statically assigned (i.e. the “private quota”). The shared quota is composed of resources not statically allocated which are fairly distributed among the different users by Synergy. The size of such quota is calculated as the difference between the total amount of cloud resources and the total resources allocated to the private quotas. Only the projects selected by the administrator can consume the shared resources and, unlike the private quota, the user requests that cannot be immediately satisfied are not rejected: they are instead inserted in a persistent priority queue and processed according to their priority ordering.

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