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Version 1.3 pre-beta

Written for TakOS by JB Aubort on 2008-10-28

The new 1.3 version is out, with a few changes as applications are now handled by Protocol Buffers, new Js load method.
The beta is coming probably in less than a week.
Stay tuned !

Here is the complete changelog:
 * Load modules rebuilded, now in two phases. Core then modules.
 * Basically work with Chrome
 * configuration file added
 * PB: Proto Buffers are implemented for Application
 * PB: Debug in server.php
 * Menu: better loading
 * Menu: update method, to rebuild apps list
 * Reorganize server.php inclusion (with path option)
 * Better fx
 * Some Tweaks everywhere

Updated on 2008-10-28.

Beta coming in october 2008

Written for TakOS by JB Aubort on 2008-07-14

You can subscribe to this feed(*) to be informed of the upcoming news about the open beta of TakOS Framework.
If you want to help us in the process, you can apply here on Launchpad.

See you very soon !


Updated on 2008-07-14.

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