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Many people are interested to use computers in Tamil. But typing is difficult. If a typing tutor is available for Tamil Language it will be very useful. The problem with existing tutors is that they are only in Tamil99 or other outdated layout. Microsoft is using Unicode Tamil layout. Since most of the people use Microsoft Windows it will be useful if we have a 'Tamil tying tutor' for Tamil Unicode layout.

I invite people who have idea of how to take ahead the project. You can help me in the following ways.
0. Join the project as prime developer
1. suggest a language for writing the program.
2. Is there any model project with which we can start.
3. Instructions for typing in different layout with special emphasis to Tamil Unicode layout.
5. Figures for different tutorials.
6. Layout and coloring for the software.
7. How to make the program platform independent
8. Giving Tamil word samples for Typing tutor.
9. Commonly used sentences for practising typing.
10. Suggest an appropriate LIncense type.
11. Fonts to be used.

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