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Tart is a Technologically Advanced Rsync-based Tool, written in Python. A real name is yet to be made, but in the meantime Tart will do. (Oh, and it syncs folders.)

Slogan: Until now it can't do a lot, but what it does, it should do really well, and later it should do even more really well.

Anyway: Tart is meant to be a better, free and open source alternative to Dropbox. It is written in Python, doesn't have a real gui yet, which will be coded with PyQT maybe, or PyGTK. Everything is under reaally heavy development. Don't use it without viewing the source code or without knowing how it exactly works.

Some advantages over Dropbox: you can make your own server, it can run without a gui, it is probably going to have local snapshots and I like it more. It also makes more possible with its configuration, for example automatic file uploading to a webserver for easy sharing. Multiple folders are possible too, because cake is awesome.

As you may have noticed (probably no one ever notices anything here because no one ever visits this) I haven't done anything with the software the last couple of months. I'm thinking of rewriting it, writing a functional and technical spec etc and then start from the beginning. Also drop the part to make it beginners friendly, they can go something themselves because they'll use Dropbox anyway. If a company wants to use it, I say "sure, use it, just make sure you have a good admin" so he can take care of internal problems. I just want to get this stuff working in a really good way with a lot of functions without any GUI for the time being and being really good / secure. That's all.

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  • Version 2 has arrived on 2011-01-02
    Version 2: What does this mean? Well, it means that Tart is a tiny bit easier...