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Tepache is a code sketcher for python that uses pygtk and glade.
It could look like other glade codegens, but it is totally different.
Not a glade codegen but a code sketcher

There is libglade, there is pygtk-libglade. Then, tepache does not have to create any code for creating the graphical interfaces.
It creates pure python modules with classes that are clean abstractions for the toplevel widgets of the glade files.
That is why we say tepache is not a code generator, it is a code sketcher.

Typical code generators overwrite your own code every time they are executed.
Tepache won't lost your code because it uses a very simple system of using context comments for protecting your code. It could look a little verbose but works very well.

This project was originally developed by Sandino 'tigrux' Moreno, but was left stranded after he left his old job. I am just mantaining it here and doing whatever little enhancements I can do :)

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Jorge Gallegos
Jorge Gallegos

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Latest version is 1.1.2

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