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Test Repository provides a database of test results which fits into developers work flow and keeps track of useful information like what tests are failing, or which failures have the same backtrace.

This project provides a database of test results which can be used as part of
developer workflow to ensure/check things like:
 * No commits without having had a test failure, test fixed cycle.
 * No commits without new tests being added.
 * What tests have failed since the last commit (to run just a subset).
 * What tests are currently failing and need work.

Test results are inserted using subunit (and thus anything that can output
subunit or be converted into a subunit stream can be accepted).

A mailing list for discussion, usage and development is at - all are welcome to join. Some folk hang out on #testrepository on

Source code is maintained at

CI for the project is at

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Latest version is 0.0.19

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  • 0.0.3 released on 2010-02-28
    I'm very happy to released testrepository 0.0.3. This adds the 'testr run' wo...