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Timekpr-nExT - a new, simple and easy to use time managing software that helps optimizing time spent at computer. This version is very precise at time accounting and has many new features over timekpr-revived.

Timekpr-nExT has two user facing applications - one for showing time and notifications (called client) and one for administration purposes.

Timekpr-nExT is available in my ppa:

Please note that Timekpr-nExT is available for Ubuntu 16.04+, previous releases are unsupported.
Timekpr-nExT supposedly works for any desktop environment (I have not tested all of them, but I can confirm that XFCE, Cinamon, KDE, Gnome3, Unity, Deepin and Budgie works), just install the package and if dependencies are satisfied, it should work!

Please add PPA, update system and install it using these commands:
to add a repo:
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjasnik/ppa
  sudo apt-get update
for STABLE releases:
  sudo apt-get install timekpr-next
for BETA releases (they are usually stable as well, but I can not guarantee that):
  sudo apt-get install timekpr-next-beta

Notice: it should be fixed, but if You still encounter a black screen when Timekpr-nExT asks systemd to terminate user session in Ubuntu Gnome 18.04+, please press CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to login screen, please create a bug (if none exists) and comment exact situation how You got this!

ArchLinux package is ready, my best external BETA tester SanskritFritz from ArchLinux made it:

If You think I deserve something in return or just want to contribute, please do so via PayPal: .

Additional (somewhat technical) information

Timekpr-nExT is built with technologies which exposes Timekpr engine to D-BUS, therefore it can be integrated into any other client application or control panels which support D-BUS, however, from user perspective, Timekpr-nExT is just a simple GUI app, no techcnical skills required to use it - absolutely user friendly.

There are three parts in Timekpr-nExT:
    * Timekpr-nExT server, which controls everything and exposes all functionality via D-BUS, it's run automatically and monitors the system for user activity
    * Timekpr-nExT client, which essentially is an "icon" in the notification area / system tray, it shows limits set to user and takes care of showing notifications to user, additionally it allows user to configure several options, related to client functionality
    * Timekpr-nExT administration application, which allows administrative user to configure:
        * Timekpr-nExT server itself, application must be run in administrator / superuser mode (please use "Timekpr Control Panel (superuser mode)")
        * manage users via GUI, one must be either in "timekpr" group in the system (please use "Timekpr Control Panel") or use administrator / superuser mode (please use "Timekpr Control Panel (superuser mode)")
        * manage users via CLI (terminal), it’s meant to administer users remotely, one has to be in "timekpr" group in the system or have "sudo" access, please start with "sudo timekpra –help", it will show CLI usage


In addition to GUI, Timekpr-nExT still can be configured via control files (if one would like to)... Configuration is read and applied at save intervals, in contrast GUI or CLI applies configuration immediately.
But please be aware that configuration files are structured in particular way and one can break the configuration if not being careful. You have been warned :)

Timekpr-nExT main configuration file: /etc/timekpr/timekpr.conf
User configuration files (one per user): /var/lib/timekpr/config/timekpr.*.conf
User control files (one per user): /var/lib/timekpr/work/timekpr.*.conf


The main features of Timekpr-nExT are:
* very precise time accounting (it's done in memory and state is permanently saved every 30 secs) and reporting to user
* time can be configured in time intervals - it's possible to have more than one time interval a day, say from 8:00 - 12:00 and 17:00 - 22:00
* time can be configured by minutes - it's possible to have up to minute configuration, say from 16:15 - 22:45, or from 17:05 - 17:55, BUT it's not possible to have more than one interval per hour, You CAN NOT HAVE intervals say 15:00 - 16:15 and 16:45 - 18:00 at the same time. This is a design feature and not a bug. The rationale is that Timekpr-nExT itself is a distraction for the user and micromanaging users is not what I would consider a good practice.
* user will be able to use computer across midnight - it's possible to have interval, let’s say 17:00 - 24:00 and if next day interval starts from 00:00, it means that user time allowance can cross midnight w/o being kicked out in the middle
* inactive sessions are not counted - if users lock their computers, then the time is not accounted, please be aware this does not work in every DE, please see below (do not create bug for Timekpr-nExT, if You use KDE5 for example):
  Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon - inactive time accounting works
  Ubuntu Unity 16.04 - inactive time accounting works
  Linux Mint 19 MATE - inactive time accounting works
  Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome Shell - inactive time accounting works
  Linux Mint 17 XFCE - inactive time accounting does NOT work
  Ubuntu 18.04 KDE5 - inactive time accounting does NOT work
  Ubuntu 18.04 Unity - inactive time accounting does NOT work
  Linux Mint 19 XFCE - inactive time accounting does NOT work
* sleep is supported - sleep should be taken into account, time spent sleeping is not accounted as activity
* it's possible to exclude certain sessions from being accounted - for example TTY sessions are not accounted by default, please be careful with this configuration
* it's possible to exclude certain users from being accounted - for example, lightdm, gdm, ... users are not accounted by default, please be aware that this means they are not even considered as users, they are completely ignored, please do not put actual usernames here, just some system users, if needed
* it's possible to limit time spent per week and month separately
* trying to support as much DE's as possible, either appindicator (Unity / KDE5 / GS) or legacy icon for DE’s which do not support appindicator

Please note that all limits are accounted at the same time, so the time available to the user is the least of limits.

The description of features, shortcomings, thoughts and development process is available here:


Timekpr-nExT is released, please see announcement:


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