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New maintainer stepped up, Juan!

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2013-07-21

Please give a warm welcome to Juan, he stepped up to also save the project.

Updated on 2013-07-21.

timekpr status: not maintained anymore

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2013-07-11

I am personally giving up on timekpr, I simply cannot find the time to rewrite the whole code to C or C++ as I planned.
My real life obligations are slowly driving me away from coding, so I cannot maintain such a big project.

I'm really sorry I gave everyone hope of a resurrection. I hope Willi Burkhardt (wbu) or Olli-Pekka Wallin (hozmaster) will try and fix the timekpr and bring it back to a functional stage. I gave them the administrator privileges to take care of the project and push fixes if they are willing to do so.

Thank you all and take care. Maybe I will help once I find some free time.

Best regards,
Savvas Radevic aka medigeek

Updated on 2013-07-11.

timekpr continued development

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2012-03-09

I will start timekpr development from scratch (I will probably keep some stuff from the old timekpr)... once I find some time I'll start creating a workable alpha/beta version. Expect an alpha/beta release somewhere around the end of August 2012.

Update: Can't make it because of real life issues, hope to make it until next year, August 2013

Updated on 2012-08-16.

Timekpr 0.3.1 is released

Written for timekpr by Even Nedberg on 2009-11-09

This marks the release of timekpr version 0.3.1. It is available in timekpr-maintainers PPA and Even Nedbergs (nedberg) PPA.

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trunk is now "experimental"

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2009-07-24

The trunk series of development for timekpr is set to "experimental". This means it's under heavy development, which will make it (in time), available for more distributions with an easier setup process.

If you want to be notified when the new release is out, subscribe at one of the following:

Updated on 2010-03-25.

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