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This program will track and control the computer usage of your user accounts. You can limit their daily usage based on a timed access duration and configure periods of day when they can or cannot log in.
 With this application, administrators can limit account login time duration or account access hours.

The application works as a parental time control, and will be useful to parents who want to limit child access time.

timekpr does not have a working version for ubuntu 11.04+ yet. Expect a new release around the end of August 2013:

1. timekpr trunk branch is under heavy construction. Please wait until we rewrite it properly. DO NOT USE trunk!
2. The stable version can be found here, in the timekpr-maintainers PPA:

* the principal user of this kind of programs are the parents.
* This program is heavily depended on Linux-PAM and its time and access modules.
* We support GNOME, KDE and XFCE (as much as possible).
* If you would like to contribute to the code, join the timekpr-maintainers team :)
* IRC: irc:// ( Freenode network, #timekpr )

 - This is a complete re-write in python and vast improvement from the original timekpr bash script:
 - This project was born after Charles Jackson's (crjackson) request for a program that time-limits user accounts:
 - Even Nedberg initially began to improve the original bash script from Chris Jackson, Savvas Radević packaged it and soon began co-development.
 - Special thanks go to Charles Jackson (crjackson), who has contributed a lot by suggesting and brainstorming useful features, as well as reporting bugs. We would also like to thank all the people posting at that topic at ubuntuforums for their helpful suggestions, tests and bug reports!

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GNU GPL v3, Public Domain

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Latest version is 0.3.2

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