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Titania is a X3D/VRML editor and browser for Ubuntu. The goal is a full standard compliant X3D browser for future releases of Ubuntu. For now, Titania fully supports the Moving Worlds specification for VRML 2.0 and already many parts of the X3D specification.

It can be used as a simple 3D viewer for .x3d files, as high quality 3D animation rendering engine, for advanced science simulations, live data visualization, or as easy to use gaming engine.

Furthermore Titania can also be used as an easy to use X3D/VRML beautifier and converter.

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Holger Seelig
Holger Seelig

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C++, Perl, X3D, JavaScript

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Latest version is 4.1.0

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  • Titania 4.0.0 released on 2017-11-22
    We just released Titania 4.0.0! For a full and detailed description of Titani...
  • Titania 3.0.1 released on 2017-04-12
    We just released Titania 3.0.1! This is the final release in the stable Titan...
  • Titania 3.0.0 released on 2017-04-09
    We just released Titania 3.0.0! This is the preview release in the stable Tit...
  • Titania 1.4.9 released on 2016-08-09
    We just released Titania 1.4.9! This is the ninth release in the stable Titan...
  • Titania 1.4.4 released on 2016-05-13
    We just released Titania 1.4.4! This is the fourth release in the stable Tita...