Tomdroid 0.7 "House of Fun"

First beta of the new and awesome features.

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House of Fun
Olivier Bilodeau
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Release notes 

Tomdroid 0.7 beta - "House of Fun" - Editing and Two-Way Sync!

Editing Features:
* Rich text editor for editing and formatting notes (credit:
* Ability to create new notes
* Ability to delete local notes
* Automatic renaming of notes on duplicate title (as Note 1, Note 2, etc.)
* Note saved automatically on pause
* Ability to revert changes

Sync Features:
* Two-way sync by default, one-way "pull" sync via "Revert" button
* Note conflict resolution screen when notes are of different date and both older or newer than last sync date
* Automatic authentication - if you use Ubuntu One, pressing "Sync" on first launch is enough to authenticate and sync
* updating progress bar with information on current task, number of notes
* switching sync services/servers doesn't clear notes database anymore
* switching sync servers clears authentication, doesn't authenticate (see "Automatic authentication", above)

UI Tweaks:
* moved Tomdroid toolbar into native ActionBar (
* added basic tablet integration (

Preference Tweaks
* Added preference for changing base font size
* Added preference button for backing up notes to SD card (when using online sync)
* Added preference button for removing all notes from remote service
* added option to hide/show note templates
* added option to clear local notes database (useful if switching sync services)

* fixed SQL query should use "?" (lp:880322)


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