Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Tomdroid iteration3 iteration3 None 2008-12-12 TBC
Tomdroid iteration2 iteration2 None 2008-12-06 Fetches a note from a specified URL and show it. *Bold*, /italic/, -striked-,...
Tomdroid iteration1 iteration1 None 2008-11-26 An hello world type android app that fetches a web page asynchronously (using...
Tomdroid 0.8.0 stable None not yet released Next development step after the 0.7.X series.
Tomdroid 0.7.5 "Christmas surprise" stable None 2014-01-04 Bugfix for 0.7.4: Only crashes and critical bugs are fixed here to get those ...
Tomdroid 0.7.4 "Christmas surprise" stable None 2013-12-24 release candidate or even stable release! ***FEATURE FREEZE*** ***STRING FREE...
Tomdroid 0.7.3 "Almost there!" beta None 2013-10-24 Only bugfixes for 0.7.2 ***FEATURE FREEZE***
Tomdroid 0.7.2 "For the Love of Monkey" beta None 2012-10-17 Bugfixes for 0.7.1
Tomdroid 0.7.1 "Fast paced" beta None 2012-08-22 bugfix release of 0.7 Actionbar Combat added translations added
Tomdroid 0.7 "House of Fun" beta None 2012-08-17 First beta of the new and awesome features.
Tomdroid 0.6.1 "Polyglot" stable None 2013-03-18 bugfix release for 0.6.0
Tomdroid 0.6.0 "Small World" stable None 2012-08-16
Tomdroid 0.5.0 stable None 2011-09-06
Tomdroid 0.4.1 "I didn't do it - fixed with duct-tape" stable None 2010-10-15 Critical fixes to 0.4.0
Tomdroid 0.4 "I didn't do it!" stable None 2010-10-09
Tomdroid 0.3.1 "fundationem - fixed with a tie wrap" stable None 2010-02-18
Tomdroid 0.3 "fundationem" stable None 2010-02-11 Needed groundwork to move forward with editing and syncing
Tomdroid 0.2 "this is all wrong" stable None 2009-06-24 Fix show-stoppers problems from the 0.1 release that I didn't expect (since I...
Tomdroid 0.1 stable None 2009-04-07 Have solid (but ugly) read-only support of the tomboy notes located on a sdcard.