Tomdroid iteration1

An hello world type android app that fetches a web page asynchronously (using a thread) and an xml schema validator for tomboy notes.. Nothing very interesting.

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Olivier Bilodeau
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The goal of this first iteration was to nail the fact that I would be able to use the network to do read-only notes for the moment. Some research was made to use webdav and it seems possible but for now it's an URL connection. Also checked for viable ssh and local files possibilites althought the code is really focused on an HTTP GET type of thing..

Also, some work went to understand tomboy's notes format and produced a relax-ng validator for tomboy notes. It is included in the release.

I laid out a basic infrastructure for network access that is using threads so the UI is in a clean (non-frozen) state.


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- NotesDAO (Mock and Impl) are now using threads to avoid freezing the UI. I also added a default "wait" text to the NoteView activity.
- Made more modular: Added a DAO (data access object) layer to access network data
- Tomdroid now fetches a webpage from URL and shows its raw content in a NoteView activity. Clicking a button will return to the main Activity.
- XML schema for tomboy notes validating all of tomboy's non-addins features (LGPL v2.1)

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