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A multiplatform microblog client

μBlogger is a project in early development. We are building the user interface in Java Swing and communicating to Twitter API using the feature-rich Twitter4J library ( is supported as well. Next step will be add generic StatusNet (, improve the GUI and add more features.

It can currently receive and send status messages to multiple accounts and it saves some configuration like the user accounts (and the actual plain passwords too) to a XML file. The Timeline view is very raw for now. Any help will be appreciated.

To contribute, you only need the JDK 6, Eclipse IDE (3.5 recommended) and probably Bazaar to get and deal with the project source code. Some Java SE Swing knowledge is required.

= About the project name =

The name is μBlogger but for easiness we can type it as plain ASCII "uBlogger" sometimes (i.e. the project URIs).

You can speak it as you wish. Learn more about the Greek letter μ at Wikipedia ( It's the International System of Units symbol for "micro" prefix.

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