Ubuntu Calendar App hackdays-1403

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Ubuntu Calendar App
Nekhelesh Ramananthan
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1 Jason, 2 Kunal Parmar, 2 Marcin, 3 Mihir Soni, 1 brian larochelle, 1 ybon
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1267814 #1267814 Sync'ed calendar events don't appear at the correct time 2 Critical   3 Invalid
1188819 #1188819 Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test edit event 2 Critical Mihir Soni  10 Fix Released
1294674 #1294674 Editing events not working 2 Critical Mihir Soni  10 Fix Released
1298236 #1298236 Use the native Ubuntu UI Toolkit DatePicker component 3 High ybon  10 Fix Released
1294672 #1294672 Need to show description label for appointments in week view 4 Medium Kunal Parmar  10 Fix Released
1295068 #1295068 On day view, do not reset the time to 9 a.m. when sliding to the next day 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1248125 #1248125 No marker in month view that an event is occurring on a day. 5 Low Kunal Parmar  10 Fix Released
1280612 #1280612 do not display map when no location 5 Low Marcin  10 Fix Released
1291504 #1291504 Tapping on a day in week view does not do anything 5 Low Jason  10 Fix Released
1297463 #1297463 App should start with larger window on desktop 5 Low Marcin  10 Fix Released
1297725 #1297725 Event time selection should be in 30 min increments 5 Low brian larochelle  10 Fix Released
1335512 #1335512 Touching a date in Day view should go to that date 5 Low Mihir Soni  10 Fix Released
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