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The Ubuntu Drupal Theme is a project to centralize and develop themes for Ubuntu websites. The primary theme is aimed at being a complete replacement for even the Ubuntu website (at some point. We also aim to keep it extremely well coded to ensure it runs perfect.

Any themes used in the Ubuntu Drupal project are developed here. Check out to obtain final release packages.

This is now the development project for the Canonical version.

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Ubuntu Drupal
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6.x series is the current focus of development.

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php, mysql, pgsql

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Latest version is 6.7.0

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  • Ubuntu Drupal 6.6.0 Released on 2010-01-25
    After a long time, we finally finished Ubuntu Drupal 6.6.0. This is likely ou...
  • Header Released on 2009-08-26
    The final release of the UD Header has been made. It is now available via the...