Ubuntu Single Sign On Client 2.99.0

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Ubuntu Single Sign On Client
Natalia Bidart
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1 Alejandro J. Cura, 1 Natalia Bidart
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- Release v2.99.0


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[ Alejandro J. Cura <email address hidden> ]
  - An async webclient with qtnetwork and libsoup backends, to be used for
    proxy support.
  - Use the dedicated time url (LP: #891644).

[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed pep8 issue.
  - Fix double back navigation in SSO reset code page (LP: #862403).

[ Manuel de la Pena <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed the tests by ensuring that the server and the client are correctly
  - Changed the import from ubuntuone-dev-tools so that we do not use the
    deprecated API.

[ Natalia B. Bidart <email address hidden> ]
  - Do not hardcode the app_name when showing the TC_NOT_ACCEPTED message
    (LP: #904917).
  - Pass module for test to u1trial properly.
  - Have a single executable to start the service (LP: #890416).
  - Lint fixes (LP: #890349).

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
862403 #862403 Fix double back navigation in SSO reset code page 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
891644 #891644 Use /api/time to do the timesync 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
692597 #692597 If the user has the date/time/timezone wrong, connection fails (Expired timestamp error) 3 High Alejandro J. Cura  10 Fix Released
890416 #890416 Unify executable for starting the service 3 High Natalia Bidart  10 Fix Released
904917 #904917 TC_NOT_ACCEPTED has "Ubuntu One" hardcoded 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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