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Ubuntu system image
Barry Warsaw
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Release notes 

2.0 (2013-11-13)
 * Avoid re-downloading data files if previously download files are found and
   are still valid (by checksum and gpg signature). (LP: #1217098)
 * In the D-Bus API, `ApplyUpdate()` is changed from a synchronous method
   returning a string to an asynchronous method not returning anything.
   Instead a `Rebooting(bool)` signal is added with the value being the status
   if the reboot operation (obviously, this signal isn't ever received if the
   reboot succeeds). (LP: #1247215)
 * Remove the old channels.json format. (LP: #1221843)
 * Remove support for old version numbers. (LP: #1220238)
 * Switch to nose2 as the test runner. (LP: #1238071)
   + Add -P option to provide much nicer test pattern matching.
   + Add -V option to increase `systemimage` logging verbosity during tests
     (separate from nose2's own -v options).
 * Write the `ubuntu_command` file atomically. (LP: #1241236)
 * Remove the unused `-u` and `--upgrade` switches.
 * Clarify that `--channel` should be used with `--build 0` to switch
   channels. (LP: #1243612)
 * `--info` output will include the alias name if the current channel.ini has
   a `channel_target` variable.
 * `--dry-run` output now includes channel switch information when an upgrade
   changes the channel alias mapping.
 * Add a workaround for LP: #1245597, caused by a bug in
   ubuntu-download-manager when presented with an empty download list.
 * If an existing image-master or image-signing key is found on the file
   system, double check its signature (LP: #1195057) and expiration date (LP:
   #1192717) if it has one, before using it.
 * If the winning path includes two URLs which map to the same local
   destination file name, the download should fail. (LP: #1250181)
 * Provide a bit more useful traceback in various places of the state machine
   so that error conditions in system-image-cli make a bit more sense.
   (LP: #1248639)
 * Tweak the scoring algorithm to highly discourage candidate upgrade paths
   that don't leave you at the maximum build number. (LP: #1250553)
 * When running system-image-cli under verbosity 1, print dots to stderr so
   that the user knows something is happening.
 * Remove unused `state_file` setting from client.ini.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1250181 #1250181 Duplicate files in winning path should prevent updates 2 Critical Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1192717 #1192717 Ensure that the client respects key expiry in all keyrings but blacklist 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1195057 #1195057 Always verify before unpacking the keyring.tar.xz files 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1217098 #1217098 Avoid re-downloading data files 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1241236 #1241236 write ubuntu_command file atomically 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1247215 #1247215 D-Bus API change to ApplyUpdate() 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1250553 #1250553 Tweak the candidate path scoring algorithm 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1220238 #1220238 Remove support for old version numbers 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1221843 #1221843 Remove old channels.json format 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1238071 #1238071 Switch to nose2 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1243612 #1243612 Document -b 0 needed to switch channels 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1248639 #1248639 unhelpful gpg.SignatureError traceback 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
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