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Spice-Gtk-0.7 via Debian Unstable PLease be advised that direct port from Debian has following f... 2 11
LibreSSL This package provides unofficial builds of LibreSSL Portable h... 1 59
pylint Pylint is a Python source code analyzer which looks for progra... 1 3
conn-check !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! DEPRECATED ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please install co... 6 20
PPA for Cesare Tirabassi Norsetto's Personal Archive You should find here testing/back... 11 51
Programs backported from Ubuntu/Debian sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa All LTS pac... 25 131
VLC media player: Backported from Ubuntu/Debian sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc This PPA has VLC Med... 17 121
pepperflashplugin-nonfree Backport of pepperflashplugin-nonfree with direct download fro... 2 8
Kate Perl Plug-IN Perl syntax check, Perl::Critic and Debugger Plug-In Kate Per... 1 1
Byobu Byobu with patch for home directory ownership check. $HOME/.p... 1 3
MuseScore Nightly Builds (unstable development builds) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MUSESCORE SNAPSHOT BUILDS (DEVELOPMENT BUILDS) ~... 1 6
PPA for hyperair This PPA contains the following software of the same version a... 19 94
Programs backported from Ubuntu/Debian (LTS) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa2 For Calibr... 23 131
Terminal for human Terminal for human is a set of tools for making work on termin... 1 7
VLC media player: Ubuntu/Debian Backports (LTS) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc2 This PPA has VLC Me... 16 151
b2c-ppa * Loadbalancer / Reverseproxy * ** haproxy with zlib (compres... 5 57
lighter * 3D Rendering engines. * Usefull Scripts and Addons for Blend... 2 37
monitoring-plugins monitoring-plugins from Bionic + patch that add the -B flag to... 1 8
multimedia for 14.04.05 This is a backup and merge of packages from: no1wantdthisname/... 15 44
natty-event_driven-initramfs The initramfs package in this ppa has an updated mkinitramfs a... 3 5
proxychecker - A advanced, multithreaded Proxychecker (and Hit... A advanced Proxychecker (and Hitfaker), written in Python It ... 1 3
stk-testing THIS PPA IS UNOFFICIAL. This PPA contains a package that, upo... 3 17
Check-mk Backports of check-mk to trusty. 1 8
Apps not included in the Ubuntu repository Deb Cup:  GTK+ GUI tool for creating deb packages and uploadin... 12 34
Ceph Safe Disk ceph-safe-disk checks whether OSDs in a ceph cluster are remov... 1 2
PPA for Allis Tauri This PPA for now contains just several applications: *) degen_... 6 12
PPA for Celso Providelo My PPA will usually contain packages used for helping other us... 16 36
PPA named farsi for Hassanake Vazir Package updates, backports and patches for farsi ( Persian ) s... 3 9
Vim Backport of Vim from as far upstream as will build. https://g... 8 122
Zonemaster Packages for the Zonemaster project: The components developed... 5 24
python-closure-linter Description: The Closure Linter is a utility that checks JavaS... 1 4
python-flake8 code checking using pep8 and pyflakes Flake8 is a wrapper aro... 1 4
simple-gmail-notifier simple-gmail-notifier checks your gmail and shows notification... 1 1
1stdnsppa Packages for system status checking for 1stDNS Limited 1 1
AiBO+ Repository of AiBO+, Sony Open-R SDK (based on gcc 5.4) and Op... 11 325
Alfresco Community [Lucid] Packages for Alfresco Community Edition. Lucid Only. For more... 3 27
Amarok 1.4 series NOTE: I've heard there's a fork of Amarok called Pana, see htt... 1 12
Android Development Tool For Trusty Repository For Science & Development related tools under Proje... 3 3
Asix AX88179 kernel module *** These packages are not maintained any longer. ... 1 3
Awesome Tower Defense Packages for installing Awesome Tower Defense, a tower defense... 1 2
Backports Backported patches and fixes. It is generally safe to use thi... 8 20
Biddy This is Biddy project PPA. Biddy BDD package is a special purp... 2 56
CD Emu Backported versions of CDEmu for lucid. Check: PPA for CDEmu ... 6 21
Cairo GL Cairo with the experimental OpenGL backend enabled ==========... 1 8
Cricket Score Indicator This project eliminates the need to open a cricket website to ... 1 5
Cutting Edge Multimedia This archive contains updated builds of FFMPEG, Xine, Mplayer,... 16 150
Cyrus SASL Library This PPA contains an Ubuntu package for the current developmen... 1 13
Docker ARM build Docker with the "bail out if !amd64" check removed 1 0
Dove Overlay PPA please check with asac/anmar before uploading. 3 21
Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer - daily builds The Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer These are automat... 1 13
Emacs stable releases This repository contains updated `emacs` packages based on sta... 2 66
Experiments and misc tweaks Catch-all repository for modified packages which should not be... 3 7
Extended DDC Probing Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patch     drm/rad... 1 971
Extended DDC Probing (Lucid) Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patch drm/rad... 2 394
Extended DDC Probing (Oneiric) Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patches drm/r... 1 104
FATX filesystem Complete XBOX filesystem support (FATX) Includes: - fusefatx: ... 1 1
FeSTige Ubuntu packages for FeSTige (a GUI for 'fst' and 'dssi-vst'). ... 6 72
GDevelop GDevelop is an open source game creation software, allowing to... 1 5
Greenbone Vulnerability Management Greenbone Vulnerability Management version 10 (GVM-10) is the ... 6 8
Half Empty Hero's PPA Random stuff. My indicator-virtualbox is the same as the norm... 1 2
HexChat IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2 HexChat is a graphical IRC... 1 24
Indian Railway Indian Railway application. Check PNR Status and Predict PNR S... 1 0
Isso Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server w... 1 3
KVIrc - Qt 5.5 Based KVIrc is highly configurable graphical IRC client,with powerfu... 31 414
KVIrc - The ultimate IRC client (Daily Builds) KVIrc is highly configurable graphical IRC client,with powerfu... 2 43
KVIrc - The ultimate IRC client (Stable Releases) KVIrc is highly configurable graphical IRC client,with powerfu... 1 12
Karmic-virtio-napi Karmic kernel plus patch virtio-net.c to add schedule check to... 1 79
Kazam unstable builds Builds made after bigger code changes. Packages here should m... 12 80
KeePassX with Yubikey Support KeePassX with YubiKey HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response Note: Your ... 1 3
LXQt desktop packages If you experience issues, first check the upstream bugtracker.... 37 321
Latest nvidia driver for 12.04 - First ensure your running the nvidia-current-updates driver ... 2 3
Linux Core Software A collection of core linux software I deem necessary to operat... 5 6
LyX 2 SVN - Daily Builds (Development) The packages in this archive are taken from the stable 2.1 bra... 2 12
Manually Build Packages This archive contains various manually build packages, using m... 1 1
175 of 530 results