lxc 3.0.3-0ubuntu1~18.10.1 source package in Ubuntu


lxc (3.0.3-0ubuntu1~18.10.1) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1804755):
    - CONTRIBUTING: Update reference to kernel coding style
    - CONTRIBUTING: Link to latest online kernel docs
    - CONTRIBUTING: Direct readers to CODING_STYLE.md
    - CODING_STYLE: Mention kernel style in introduction
    - CONTRIBUTING: Add 'be' to fix grammar
    - CODING_STLYE: Simplify explanation for use of 'extern'
    - CODING_STLYE: Remove sections implied by 'kernel style'
    - CODING_STYLE: Fix non-uniform heading level
    - CODING_STYLE: Update section header format
    - cmd: Use parenthesis around complex macro
    - cmd: Use 'void' instead of empty parameter list
    - cmd: Do not use braces for single statement block
    - cmd: Fix whitespace issues
    - cmd: Use 'const' for static string constant.
    - cmd: Remove unnecessary whitespace in string
    - cmd: Put trailing */ on a separate line
    - cmd: Remove typo'd semicolon
    - cmd: Do not use comparison to NULL
    - lxc_init: s/SYSDEBUG()/SYSERROR()/g in remove_self
    - tools: lxc-attach: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-cgroup: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-checkpoint: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-console: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-create: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-destroy: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-device: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-execute: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-start: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-stop: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-freeze: add default log priority & cleanups
    - tools: lxc-unfreeze: add default log priority & cleanups
    - storage_utils: move duplicated function from tools
    - tools: fix lxc-execute command parsing
    - lseek - integer overflow
    - cmd: lxc-user-nic: change log macro & cleanups
    - cmd: lxc-usernsexec reorder includes
    - cmd: move declarations to macro.h
    - cmd: use utils.{c,h} helpers in lxc-usernsexec
    - cmd: simplify lxc-usernsexec
    - cmd: use safe number parsers in lxc-usernsexec
    - macro: add missing headers
    - macro: add macvlan properties
    - tools: Indicate container startup failure
    - storage: exit() => _exit(). when exec is failed
    - tools: lxc-wait: add default log priority & cleanups
    - conf: fix path/lxcpath mixups in tty setup
    - cmd: use goto for cleanup in lxc-usernsexec
    - cmd: Do not reassign variable before it is used
    - cmd: Reduce scope of 'count' variable
    - cmd: Fix format issues found by clang-format
    - list: fix indent
    - utils: split into {file,string}_utils.{c,h}
    - pam_cgfs: build from the same sources as liblxc
    - conf: fix devpts mounting when fully unprivileged
    - macro: s/rexit()/_exit()/g
    - attach: move struct declaration to top
    - macro: move macros from attach.c
    - Makefile: don't allow undefined symbols
    - autotools: check if compiler is new enough
    - log: handle strerror_r() versions
    - autotools: add --{disable,enable}-thread-safety
    - log: fail build on ENFORCE_THREAD_SAFETY error
    - {file,string}_utils: remove NO_LOG
    - initutils: remove useless comment
    - string_utils: remove unnecessary include
    - string_utils: remove unused headers
    - string_utils: add remove_trailing_slashes()
    - Makefile: remove last pam_cgfs special-casing
    - conf: add missing headers
    - Fix typo
    - ifaddrs: add safe implementation of getifaddrs()
    - Makefile: conditionalize ifaddrs.h inclusion
    - execute: skip lxc-init logging when unprivileged
    - execute: pass /proc/self/fd/<nr>
    - tests: cleanup get_item.c
    - build: fix musl
    - configure: reorder header checks
    - compiler: add compiler.h header
    - commands: return -1 on lxc_cmd_get_init_pid() err
    - tests: add basic.c
    - tests: cleanup Makefile
    - commands: ensure -1 is sent on EPIPE for init pid
    - macro: add LXC_AUDS_ADDR_LEN
    - macro: move LXC_CMD_DATA_MAX from commands.h
    - macro: add PTR_TO_INT() and INT_TO_PTR()
    - macro: add INTTYPE_TO_STRLEN()
    - lxccontainer: s/LXC_NUMSTRLEN64/INTTYPE_TO_STRLEN()/
    - string_utils: s/LXC_NUMSTRLEN64/INTTYPE_TO_STRLEN()/
    - macro: final INTTYPE_TO_STRLEN() related cleanups
    - macro: coding style fixes
    - Makefile: correctly add ifaddrs to noinst_HEADERS
    - start: remove duplicate macros
    - caps: move macros to macro header
    - string_utils: use UINT64_MAX macro
    - tree-wide: use sizeof on static arrays
    - Revert "tree-wide: use sizeof on static arrays"
    - commands: pass around intmax_t
    - commands: assign before converting to pointer
    - macro: calculate buffer lengths correctly
    - Revert "Revert "tree-wide: use sizeof on static arrays""
    - macro: move MS_* macros
    - caps: fix illegal access to array bound
    - utils: defensive programming
    - nl: remove duplicated define
    - syntax error: mismatch brace
    - commands: better error message
    - file_utils: add lxc_recv_nointr()
    - commands: switch to setting errno and returning -1
    - log: do not clobber errno
    - log: save errno on strerror_r()
    - tree-wide: s/recv()/lxc_recv_nointr()/g
    - file_utils: add lxc_send_nointr()
    - tree-wide: s/send()/lxc_send_nointr()/g
    - nl: save errno on lxc_netns_set_nsid()
    - log: log_append_logfile() add new error path
    - lxccontainer: fix dereferenced pointer
    - lxc: fix build with --disable-werror
    - utils: improve get_ns_uid() and add get_ns_gid()
    - utils: improve lxc_switch_uid_gid()
    - log: support dlog
    - attach: handle id switching smarter
    - start: avoid unnecessary syscalls
    - utils: make lxc_setgroups() return bool
    - utils: make lxc_switch_uid_gid() return bool
    - lxccontainer: use correct pid_t type
    - conf: remove extra MS_BIND with sysfs:mixed
    - network: use correct type in lxc_netns_set_nsid()
    - network: add lxc_netns_get_nsid()
    - remove unused variables
    - file_utils: remove unused function
    - network: minor tweaks
    - add compile flags for dlog
    - log: add common functions
    - log: add additional info of dlog
    - attach: don't shutdown ipc socket in child
    - security: fix too wide or inconsistent non-owner permissions
    - attach: report standard shell exit codes
    - af_unix: add function to remove duplicated codes for set sockaddr
    - lxccontainer: remove locks from set_cgroup_item()
    - lxccontainer: remove locks from get_cgroup_item()
    - apparmor: account for specified rootfs path (closes #2617)
    - conf: realpath() uses null as second parameter to prevent buffer overflow
    - start: s/backgrounded/daemonize/g
    - cgfsng: mark ops with \_\_cgfsng_ops\_\_ attribute
    - autotools: add -Wimplicit-fallthrough
    - cgroup: rename container specific cgroup functions
    - cgroups: s/fullcgpath/container_full_path/g
    - cgroups: add missing string.h include
    - cgroups: s/base_cgroup/container_base_path/g
    - autotools: fix wrong AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG test
    - compiler: s/\_\_fallthrough\_\_/\_\_fallthrough/g
    - compiler: s/\_\_noreturn\_\_/\_\_noreturn/g
    - cgfsng: s/\_\_cgfsng_ops\_\_/\_\_cgfsng_ops/g
    - macro: add STRLITERALLEN() and STRARRAYLEN()
    - tree-wide: replace sizeof() with SIZEOF2STRLEN()
    - compiler: \_\_attribute\_\_((noreturn)) on bionic
    - autotools: support -Wcast-align
    - autotools: support -Wstrict-prototypes
    - network: add netns_getifaddrs() implementation
    - tree_wide: switch to netns_getifaddrs()
    - netns_ifaddrs: mark casts as safe
    - autotools: fix lxc_user_nic build
    - stop: Only freeze if freezer is available
    - doc: tweak documentation a little
    - cgfsng: set errno to ENOENT on get_hierarchy()
    - cgfsng: s/cgfsng_destroy/cgfsng_payload_destroy/g
    - cgfsng: s/25/INTTYPE_TO_STRLEN(pid_t)/g
    - compiler: fix \_\_noreturn on bionic
    - compiler: add \_\_hot attribute
    - netns_ifaddrs: fix missing include
    - autools: prevent dlog build on stable branch
    - tree-wide: fix includes to fix bionic builds
    - template: oci template supports for char user info
    - btrfs: fix btrfs containers
    - oci-template: Add logic for no /etc/passwd, group
    - configure: fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough check
    - utils: add lxc_setup_keyring()
    - autotools: support -z relro and -z now
    - netns_ifaddrs: handle IFLA_STATS{64} correctly
    - syscall_wrappers: add pivot_root()
    - raw_syscalls: add lxc_raw_execveat()
    - raw_syscalls: add lxc_raw_clone{_cb}()
    - raw_syscalls: add lxc_raw_getpid()
    - autotools: fix lxc init build
    - autotools: fix lxc-monitord build
    - autotools: fix lxc-user-nic build
    - autotools: fix lxc-usernsexec build
    - tests: add missing build dependencies
    - netns_ifaddrs: only use struct rtnl_link_stats64
    - cgroups: remove unnecessary line
    - netns_iaddrs: remove unused functions
    - parse: prefault config file with MAP_POPULATE
    - cgfsng: avoid tiny race window
    - utils: fix lxc_set_death_signal()
    - cgfsng: handle v1 cpuset hierarchy first
    - syscall_wrappers: move memfd_create()
    - syscall_wrappers: move setns()
    - syscall_wrappers: move sethostname()
    - syscall_wrappers: move unshare()
    - syscall_wrappers: move signalfd()
    - raw_syscalls: move lxc_raw_gettid()
    - tools: lxc-start: remove unused argument
    - tools: lxc-unshare: remove unnecessary initialization
    - parse: remove access() check
    - parse: report errors when failing config parsing
    - macro: add PATH_MAX
    - cmd: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - conf: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - confile: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - log: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - lxccontainer: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - macro: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - network: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - pam: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - start: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - terminal: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - utils: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - storage: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - tools: s/MAXPATHLEN/PATH_MAX/g
    - attach: reset signal mask
    - start: change log level
    - file_utils: fix too wide or inconsistent non-owner permissions
    - attach: fix missing pthread.h include
    - macro: add NETLINK_DUMP_STRICT_CHK
    - macro: add SOL_NETLINK
    - netns_ifaddrs: check for NETLINK_DUMP_STRICT_CHK
    - parse: do not mask failed parse
    - test: test invalid config keys
    - confile: remove unused variable
    - parse: fix uninitialized pointer access
    - fix rpm packaging error for static library
    - fix post section script error for rpm install
    - conf: log prlimit setup
    - conf: verify_start_hooks() after lxc.mount.entry
    - checkpoint: fix running do_dump()
    - monitor: log cleanups
    - monitor: checking name too long to make monitor sock name
    - commands_utils: improve code redundancy to make abstract unix socket name
    - monitor: fix coding standard
    - autools: use -fno-strict-aliasing
    - checkconfig: Handle missing kernel version
    - lxc-init: log to /dev/console
    - autotools: fix --disable-commands builds
    - string_utils: fix global buffer overflow issue
    - include: simplify strlcpy()
    - raw_syscalls: ensure function always returns value
    - confile: fix append_unexp_config_line()
    - parse: protect against config updates during parse
    - parse: fix uninitialized value
    - tree-wide: coding style fixes
    - start: simplify
    - autotools: compiler based hardening
    - coverity: update .travis.yml
    - coverity: update .travis.yml
    - coverity: update .travis.yml
    - coverity: update .travis.yml
    - coverity: update .travis.yml
    - confile: do not overwrite global variable
    - commands: simplify
    - cgfsng: move increment out of branch
    - monitord: do not hide global variable
    - tools/lxc_copy: do not hide global variable
    - tools/lxc_top: do not hide global variable
    - tools/lxc_info: do not hide global variable
    - state: remove tautological check
    - conf: remove tautological check
    - conf: use O_CLOEXEC in lxc_pivot_root()
    - conf: remove tautological check
    - lxccontainer: remove check from goto target
    - start: prevent values smaller 0
    - tools/lxc_stop: use correct check
    - cmd/lxc_init: do not hide global variable
    - coverity: #1440391
    - coverity: #1440389
    - coverity: #1426130
    - storage_utils: add error handling
    - storage_utils: cleanups
    - storage_utils: use _exit() instead of exit() in child process
    - parse: cleanups
    - dlog: inherit dlog fds
    - spelling: allocate
    - spelling: ambiguous
    - spelling: answer
    - spelling: architecture
    - spelling: array
    - spelling: asynchronous
    - spelling: backingstorage
    - spelling: capabilities
    - spelling: character
    - spelling: checkpoint
    - spelling: comma
    - spelling: command
    - spelling: committer
    - spelling: configuration
    - spelling: constant
    - spelling: container
    - spelling: control
    - spelling: convenience
    - spelling: could
    - spelling: describing
    - spelling: device
    - spelling: exiting
    - spelling: explicitly
    - spelling: feature
    - spelling: github
    - spelling: hierarchy
    - spelling: hoops
    - spelling: ifindices
    - spelling: implementations
    - spelling: inherited
    - spelling: initialize
    - spelling: javascript
    - spelling: keepdata
    - spelling: libraries
    - spelling: loglevel
    - spelling: namespace
    - spelling: otherwise
    - spelling: output
    - spelling: overlayfs
    - spelling: overridden
    - spelling: override
    - spelling: passphrase
    - spelling: perhaps
    - spelling: pertains
    - spelling: portion
    - spelling: potentially
    - spelling: returns
    - spelling: root
    - spelling: securityfs
    - spelling: snapshotting
    - spelling: specified
    - spelling: specify
    - spelling: subtracting
    - spelling: successfully
    - spelling: syscall
    - spelling: timeout
    - spelling: unsigned
    - spelling: userns
    - spelling: without
    - lxcmntent: coding rules
    - string_utils: coding rules
    - log: fix too wide or inconsistent non-owner permissions
    - coverity: move to separate branch
    - include: correctly include macro.h
    - Fix spacing error in namespace.c
    - caps: replace read with lxc_read_nointr
    - log: replace write with lxc_write_nointr
    - dlog: move match_dlog_fds()
    - conf: s/ty/tty/g
    - pam_cgfs: remove redundancy file utils
    - cgfs: remove redundancy utils
    - pam_cgfs: remove dependency from cap & log
    - utils: fix coding styles
    - utils: add errno logs for exception case
    - Adds -qq flags to lvcreate commands
    - utils: make keyring allocation failure non-fatal
    - autotools: fix lxc-{create,copy} build
    - cgfsng: remove freezer requirement
    - start: don't call cgroup_exit() twice

  * Bump standards to 4.2.0
    - Update lintian overrides

 -- St├ęphane Graber <email address hidden>  Thu, 22 Nov 2018 23:49:34 -0500

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