Old time Ubuntu contributor, member of the Ubuntu Technical board and Ubuntu release/archive/SRU/cdimage teams.

Nowadays mostly active as the LXC/LXD project leader, leading the LXD team at Canonical.

Website: http://www.stgraber.org

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Catch all session (should be scheduled in a big slot if possible) for networking in Quantal. Discussing with Mathieu Trudel, we don't think there's enough to discuss this time around to warrant the usual 2-3 networking related sessions. If we're wrong, then we'll schedule another one.
Customers are trying to place Ubuntu in their PXE environments for hands free automated installation, but they may not want to integrate MaaS in their current server dev (non-cloud) environment. To ease Ubuntu integration we should generate the preseed file during the manual install process so the user has the abil...
Discussion of changes that would help: - release team with managing and publishing images, understanding the quality/shipability - qa teams (ubuntu and flavors) for understanding quality of images and issues for developers - testers ease of using system, logging results, automated logging, knowing bugs
Arkose has been entirely rewritten over the past 6 months and a lot of new features have been implemented. During this session, I'd like to talk about the next set of improvements for Arkose and where it can and should be integrated with the distro. Amongst changes I think are worth discussing in this session are: ...
The QA tracker at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com has been around for quite a while now. It's in desperate need of some small changes to better work with the amount of testing Ubuntu requires nowadays. This session is meant to discuss what are the most important changes we need to make the tracker work better for the LTS....