snapd 2.31.2 source package in Ubuntu


snapd (2.31.2) xenial; urgency=medium

  *  New upstream release, LP: #1745217
    - many: add the snapd-generator
    - polkit: ensure error is properly set if dialog is dismissed
    - xdgopenproxy: integrate xdg-open implementation into snapctl
    - userd: add an OpenFile method for launching local files with xdg-
    - configstate: when disable "ssh" we must disable the "sshd"
    - many: remove snapd.refresh.{timer,service}
    - interfaces/builtin: allow MM to access login1
    - timeutil: account for 24h wrap when flattening clock spans
    - interfaces/screen-inhibit-control,network-status: fix dbus path
      and interface typos
    - systemd, wrappers: start all snap services in one systemctl
    - tests: disable interfaces-location-control on s390x

snapd (2.31.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1745217
    - tests: multiple autopkgtest related fixes for 18.04
    - overlord/snapstate: use spread in the default refresh schedule
    - timeutil: fix scheduling on nth weekday of the month
    - interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates for home, opengl, time-
      control, network, et al
    - cmd/snap: use proper help strings for `snap userd --help`
    - interfaces/time-control,netlink-audit: adjust for util-linux
      compiled with libaudit
    - rules: do not static link on powerpc
    - packaging: revert LDFLAGS rewrite again after building snap-
    - store: revert PR#4532 and do not display displayname
    - daemon: allow `snapctl get` from any uid
    - debian, snap: only static link libseccomp in snap-seccomp on
    - daemon: improve ucrednet code for the snap.socket

snapd (2.31) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1745217
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow snap-update-ns to chown things
    - cmd/snap-confine: fix read-only filesystem when mounting nvidia
      files in biarch
    - packaging: create /var/lib/snapd/lib/{gl,gl32,vulkan} as part of
    - advisor: ensure commands.db has mode 0644 and add test
    - interfaces/desktop-legacy,unity7: support gtk2/gvfs gtk_show_uri()
    - snap: improve validation of snap layoutsRules for validating
    - snap: fix command-not-found on core devices
    - cmd/snap: display snap license information
    - tests: enable content sharing test for $SNAP
    - userd: add support for a simple UI that can be used from userd
    - snap-confine/nvidia: Support legacy biarch trees for GLVND systems
    - tests: generic detection of gadget and kernel snaps
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: refactor and improve Change.Perform to handle
    - cmd/snap: improve output when snaps were found in a section or the
      section is invalid
    - cmd/snap-confine,tests: hide message about stale base snap
    - cmd/snap-mgmt: fix out of source tree build
    - strutil/quantity: new package that exports formatFoo (from
    - cmd/snap: snap refresh --time with new and legacy schedules
    - state: unknown tasks handler
    - cmd/snap-confine,data/systemd: fix removal of snaps inside LXD
    - snap: add io.snapcraft.Settings to `snap userd`
    - spread: remove more EOLed releases
    - snap: tidy up top-level help output
    - snap: fix race in `snap run --strace`
    - tests: update "searching" test to match store changes
    - store: use the "publisher" when populating the "publisher" field
    - snap: make `snap find --section` show all sections
    - tests: new test to validate location control interface
    - many: add new `snap refresh --amend <snap>` command
    - tests/main/kernel-snap-refresh-on-core: skip the whole test if
      edge and stable are the same version
    - tests: set test kernel-snap-refresh-on-core to manual
    - tests: new spread test for interface gpg-keys
    - packaging/fedora: Merge changes from Fedora Dist-Git plus trivial
    - interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates
    - interfaces/builtin: Replace Solus support with GLVND support
    - tests/main/kernel-snap-refresh-on-core: do not fail if edge and
      stable kernels are the same version
    - snap: add `snap run --strace` to be able to strace snap apps
    - tests: new spread test for ssh-keys interface
    - errtracker: include detected virtualisation
    - tests: add new kernel refresh/revert test for spread-cron
    - interfaces/builtin: blacklist zigbee dongle
    - cmd/snap-confine: discard stale mount namespaces
    - cmd: remove unused execArg0/execEnv
    - snap,interfaces/mount: disallow nobody/nogroup
    - cmd/snap: improve `snap aliases` output when no aliases are
    - tests/lib/snaps/test-snapd-service: refactor service reload
    - tests: new spread test for gpg-public-keys interface
    - tests: new spread test for ssh-public-keys interface
    - spread: setup machine creation on Linode
    - interfaces/builtin: allow introspecting UDisks2
    - interfaces/builtin: add support for content "source" section
    - tests: new spread test for netlink-audit interface
    - daemon: avoid panic'ing building an error response w/no snaps
    - interfaces/mount,snap: early support for snap layouts
    - daemon: unlock state even if RefreshSchedule() fails
    - arch: add "armv8l" to ubuntuArchFromKernelArch table
    - tests: fix for test interface-netlink-connector
    - data/dbus: add AssumedAppArmorLabel=unconfined
    - advisor: use forked bolt to make it work on ppc
    - overlord/snapstate: record the 'kind' of conflicting change
    - dirs: fix snap mount dir on Manjaro
    - overlord/{snapstate,configstate}, daemon: introduce refresh.timer,
      fallback to refresh.schedule
    - config: add support for `snap set core proxy.no_proxy=...`
    - snap-mgmt: extend spread tests, stop, disable and cleanup snap
    - spread.yaml: add fedora 27
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow snap-update-ns to poke writable holes in
    - packaging/14.04: move linux-generic-lts-xenial to recommends
    - osutil/sys: ppc has 32-bit getuid already
    - snapstate: make no autorefresh message clearer
    - spread: try to enable Fedora once more
    - overlord/snapstate: do a minimal sanity check on containers
    - configcore: ensure config.txt has a final newline
    - cmd/libsnap-confine-private: print failed mount/umount regardless
    - debian/tests: add missing autopkgtest test dependencies for debian
    - image: port ini handling to goconfigparser
    - tests/main/snap-service-after-before: add test for after/before
      service ordering
    - tests: enabling opensuse for tests
    - tests: update auto-refresh-private to match messages from current
    - dirs: check if distro 'is like' fedora when picking path to
    - tests: fix "job canceled" issue and improve cleanup for snaps
    - cmd/libsnap-confine-private: add debug build of libsnap-confine-
      private.a, link it into snap-confine-debug
    - vendor: remove x/sys/unix to fix builds on arm64 and powerpc
    - image: let consume snapcraft export-login files from tooling
    - interfaces/mir: allow Wayland socket and non-root sockets
    - interfaces/builtin: use snap.{Plug,Slot}Info over
    - tests: add simple snap-mgmt test
    - wrappers: autogenerate After/Before in systemd's service files for
    - snap: add usage hints in `snap download`
    - snap: provide more meaningful errors for installMany and friends
    - cmd/snap: show header/footer when `snap find` is used without
    - overlord/snapstate: for Enable's tasks refer to the first task
      with snap-setup, do not duplicate
    - tests: add hard-coded fully expired macaroons to run related tests
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: new test features
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: we don't want to bind mount symlinks
    - interfaces/mount: test OptsToCommonFlags, filter out x-snapd.
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: untangle upcoming cyclic initialization
    - client, daemon: update user's email when logging in with new
    - tests: ensure snap-confine apparmor profile is parsable
    - snap: do not leak internal errors on install/refresh etc
    - snap: fix missing error check when multiple snaps are refreshed
    - spread: trying to re-enable tests on Fedora
    - snap: fix gadget.yaml parsing for multi volume gadgets
    - snap: give the snap.Container interface a Walk method
    - snap: rename `snap advise-command` to `snap advise-snap --command`
    - overlord/snapstate: no refresh just for hints if there was a
      recent regular full refresh
    - progress: switch ansimeter's Spin() to use a spinner
    - snap: support `command-not-found` symlink for `snap advise-
    - daemon: store email, ID and macaroon when creating a new user
    - snap: app startup after/before validation
    - timeutil: refresh timer take 2
    - store, daemon/api: Rename MyAppsServer, point to instead
    - tests: use "quiet" helper instead of "dnf -q" to get errors on
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: improve mocking for tests
    - many: implement the advisor backend, populate it from the store
    - tests: make less calls to the package manager
    - tests/main/confinement-classic: enable the test on Fedora
    - snap: do not leak internal network errors to the user
    - snap: use stdout instead of stderr for "fetching" message
    - tests: fix test whoami, share successful_login.exp
    - many: refresh with appropriate creds
    - snap: add new `snap advice-command` skeleton
    - tests: add test that ensures we never parse versions as numbers
    - overlord/snapstate: override Snapstate.UserID in refresh if the
      installing user is gone
    - interfaces: allow socket "shutdown" syscall in default profile
    - snap: print friendly message if `snap keys` is empty
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add execWritableMimic
    - snap: make `snap info invalid-snap` output more user friendly
    - cmd/snap,  tests/main/classic-confinement: fix snap-exec path when
      running under classic confinement
    - overlord/ifacestate: fix disable/enable cycle to setup security
    - snap: fix snap find " " output
    - daemon: add new polkit action to manage interfaces
    - packaging/arch: disable services when removing
    - asserts/signtool: support for building tools on top that fill-
      in/compute some headers
    - cmd: clarify "This leaves %s tracking %s." message
    - daemon: return "bad-query" error kind for store.ErrBadQuery
    - taskrunner/many: KnownTaskKinds helper
    - tests/main/interfaces-fuse_support: fix confinement, allow
      unmount, fix spread tests
    - snap: use the -no-fragments mksquashfs option
    - data/selinux: allow messages from policykit
    - tests: fix catalog-update wait loop
    - tests/lib/prepare-restore: disable rate limiting in journald
    - tests: change interfaces-fuse_support to be debug friendly
    - tests/main/postrm-purge: stop snapd before purge
    - This is an example of test log:
    - tests/main/interfaces-fuse_support: dump more debugging
    - interfaces/dbus: adjust slot policy for listen, accept and accept4
    - tests: save the snapd-state without compression
    - tests/main/searching: handle changes in featured snaps list
    - overlord/snapstate: fix auto-refresh summary for 2 snaps
    - overlord/auth,daemon: introduce an explicit auth.ErrInvalidUser
    - interfaces: add /proc/partitions to system-observe (This addresses
    - tests/lib: introduce helpers for setting up /dev/random using
      /dev/urandom in project prepare
    - tests: new test for interface network status
    - interfaces: interfaces: also add an app/hook-specific udev RUN
      rule for hotplugging
    - tests: fix external backend for tests that need DEBUG output
    - tests: do not disable refresh timer on external backend
    - client: send all snap related bool json fields
    - interfaces/desktop,unity7: allow status/activate/lock of
    - tests/main: source
    - tests: fix security-device-cgroups-serial-port test for rpi and db
    - cmd/snap-mgmt: add more directories for cleanup and refactor
      purge() code
    - snap: YAML and data structures for app before/after ordering
    - tests: set TRUST_TEST_KEYS=false for all the external backends
    - packaging/arch: install snap-mgmt tool
    - tests: add support on tests for cm3 gadget
    - interfaces/removable-media: also allow 'k' (lock)
    - interfaces: use ConnectedPlug/ConnectedSlot types (step 2)
    - interfaces: rename sanitize methods
    - devicestate: fix misbehaving test when using systemd-resolved
    - interfaces: added Ref() helpers, restored more detailed error
      message on spi iface
    - debian: make "gnupg" a recommends
    - interfaces/many: misc updates for default, browser-support,
      opengl, desktop, unity7, x11
    - interfaces: PlugInfo/SlotInfo/ConnectedPlug/ConnectedSlot
      attribute helpers
    - interfaces: update fixme comments
    - tests: make interfaces-snapd-control-with-manage more robust
    - userd: generalize dbusInterface
    - interfaces: use ConnectedPlug/ConnectedSlot types (step 1)
    - hookstate: add compat "configure-snapd" task.
    - config, overlord/snapstate, timeutil: rename ParseSchedule to
    - tests: adding tests for time*-control interfaces
    - tests: new test to check interfaces after reboot the system
    - cmd/snap-mgmt: fixes
    - packaging/opensuse-42.2: package and use snap-mgmt
    - corecfg: also "mask" services when disabling them
    - cmd/snap-mgmt: introduce snap-mgmt tool
    - configstate: simplify ConfigManager
    - interfaces: add gpio-memory-control interface
    - cmd: disable check-syntax-c
    - packaging/arch: add bash-completion as optional dependency
    - corecfg: rename package to overlord/configstate/configcore
    - wrappers: fix unit tests to use dirs.SnapMountDir
    - osutil/sys: reimplement getuid and chown with the right int type
    - interfaces-netlink-connector: fix sourcing

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>  Fri, 09 Mar 2018 11:11:31 +0100

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