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UniTree is an all purpose outline editor to store structured (hierarchical) information. Data can be arranged in a treeview and linked with eachother. Each tree entry can be enhanced with additional data fields.

Unitree features:
- tree with semantics: category-instance-category-instance-...
- color-coded tree items
- links and back-links between tree items
- tree search and full-text search
- drag'n'drop of tree items
- custom fields: long text, short text, boolean, date, list, image
- automatic hyperlinks and tree links
- auto-completion and boilerplates in text
- autotab and autobullet in text
- journal entries
- list of recent changes
- tree sort
- xml import and export
- print, print preview, print to PDF

See the homepage for more details and installation instructions (in German).

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released on 2009-07-07

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  • Version 0.89 available on 2012-04-16
    There are no changes to the previous version 0.88. It was just build for Ubun...
  • UniTree 0.88 available on 2011-10-14
    UniTree 0.88 Readme ============================================== What has ...
  • Version 0.87 available on 2011-05-06
    Finally UniTree is available in a PPA for Maverick and Natty. There are no bi...
  • Version 0.86 available on 2010-11-09
    What's new: - bug fixed: 'treeitem delete dialog' appears when instance is s...
  • Version 0.85 available on 2010-10-09
    New features: print, print preview, print to PDF