Registered 2011-11-19 by Bryce Harrington

A cgi program to assist with forwarding bug reports to upstream bugzilla sites.

Upstreamer is a CGI program that reformulates a Launchpad bug report and displays a pre-filled Bugzilla page.

Currently this is developed to work only against the Freedesktop Bugzilla (particularly for bug reports). However, it is intended this should be made as generally useful as possible, so patches to make it work for other bugzillas (or even other bug trackers) are quite welcome!

The cgi script does not establish or manage credentials for Bugzilla, so users will need to have an account already.

Due to Launchpad limitations, the tool cannot always determine the right upstream package to forward a given bug to. Also, bugs that have multiple bug tasks associated with them tend to confuse it. There are a variety of other limitations and problems that make this tool unfortunately not terribly widely useful. However, it's hoped that by posting this project it will serve as a proof-of-concept to roll some of its ideas directly into Launchpad, or to enable others to improve upon it beyond what I've been able to do!

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