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Code for advanced modelling of astronomical interferometric observations.

Code for advanced modelling of astronomical interferometric observations, developed at the Nordic Node of the ALMA Regional Center:

Its main features are: run-time compilation of any combination of source components (generic algebraic functions can be used to define their parameters!), which can be fitted to the visibilities using different methods. Antenna gains can also be fitted (simultaneously to the source parameters). Wide-field and mosaic observations can be processed (as long as the individual source components are small compared to the primary beams) and primary-beam effects can be taken into account (the beams are approximated to Gaussians). The bulk of the fitting engine is made of multi-threaded C++ code. The code is implemented for its use in CASA (by NRAO).

For more information about the code, read:

An up-to-date documentation (syntax details, examples with figures, etc.) is at:

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Ivan Marti-Vidal

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