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Crowd-sourcing refers to the method of tapping into the wisdom and participation of crowds to work collaboratively on projects they’re passionate about. In the case of Virtual Crowds, its making their websites successful by driving targetted website traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Virtual Crowds allows anyone, anywhere, to submit and work on the development and enhancement of Virtual Crowds' Linkdexing software in exchange for SEO points, which they can convert into time on the Virtual Crowds Linkdexing engine and create the traffic necessary to commercialize their websites.

Virtual Crowds lives and breathes to liberate all the search engine optimization ideas that get stuck in the backs of SEO minds around the globe.

The Virtual Crowds partnership with web developers, website owners, affiliate marketers and even professional SEO's means that 'the little guy' will now have a phenomenally better chance of seeing their websites appear on page #1 of the search engine results pages (SERPs), plus, instead of paying some Internet Marketing 'guru' a small fortune, they will get there for FREE, quickly and without having to become and SEO expert.

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