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Release notes 

New Features

* Added a standard way to both declare and fetch configuration
  options so that whenever the administrator generates the Watcher
  configuration sample file, it contains the configuration options of
  the plugins that are currently available.

* Added a generic scoring engine module, which will standarize
  interactions with scoring engines through the common API. It is
  possible to use the scoring engine by different Strategies, which
  improve the code and data model re-use.

* Added an in-memory cache of the cluster model built up and kept
  fresh via notifications from services of interest in addition to
  periodic syncing logic.

* Added a way to add a new action without having to amend the source
  code of the default planner.

* Added a way to create periodic audit to be able to optimize
  continuously the cloud infrastructure.

* Added a way to compare the efficacy of different strategies for a
  give optimization goal.

* Added a way to return the of available goals depending on which
  strategies have been deployed on the node where the decison engine
  is running.

* Allow decision engine to pass strategy parameters, like
  optimization threshold, to selected strategy, also strategy to
  provide parameters info to end user.

* Copy all audit templates parameters into audit instead of having a
  reference to the audit template.

* Added a strategy that monitors if there is a higher load on some
  hosts compared to other hosts in the cluster and re-balances the
  work across hosts to minimize the standard deviation of the loads in
  the cluster.

* Added a new strategy based on the airflow of servers. This
  strategy makes decisions to migrate VMs to make the airflow uniform.

* Added policies to handle user rights to access Watcher API.

* Added a strategy based on the VM workloads of hypervisors. This
  strategy makes decisions to migrate workloads to make the total VM
  workloads of each hypervisor balanced, when the total VM workloads
  of hypervisor reaches threshold.


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6e8dc52 Merge scoring base files
7cce4b9 Add release notes for Newton blueprints
deb5cb3 TrivialFix: Remove cfg import unused
720884c TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
249cd11 Remove unused LOG
e4ba59e Update configuration section for notifications
f238167 Doc on how to add notification endpoints
77b7fae Notification and CDM partial update
103f541 Remove unreachable line
c617938 Added start/end date params on ceilometer queries
ecea228 Correct watcher reraising of exception
1fafcc5 Check unspecified parameters create audit
32c13d0 Fix loading of plugin configuration parameters
a1cb142 Add Scoring Module implementation
da67b24 Add unit tests for
6d41c23 Updated from global requirements
7b22834 Fixed flaky tempest test
e741728 Remove pot files
35201c8 Updated from global requirements
6be758b Added strategy ID + Action Plan syncing
9450a70 Fixes to get cluster data model
64f45ad Updated from global requirements
4e3593a Fix double self._goal definition
01164b0 Scheduler of decision_engine fix
9933955 Updated from global requirements
17d2d75 Clean imports in code
2e55f4e Modify libvirt_opts="-d -l" to libvirtd_opts="-d -l"
ea01031 Rename (pre/post)condition to (pre/post)_condition
6144551 Add unit tests for
1b2672a Updated from global requirements
31de0e3 Removed unused function in uniform airflow
8145906 Update the home-page info with the developer documentation
9d2d218 Updated from global requirements
31c3734 Refactored the compute model and its elements
cc2e805 Use more specific asserts
0a6841f Merged metrics_engine package into decision_engine
4f8591c Updated DE architecture doc + 'period' param
06c6c46 Added DE Background Scheduler w/ model sync jobs
b94677c Cluster data model collector plugin documentation
5a2a94f Loadable Cluster Data Model Collectors
61e581f Updated from global requirements
26d84e3 Add scoring engines to database and API layers
52ffc2c Implement goal_id, strategy_id and host_aggregate into Audit api
5dee934 use parameters to set the threshold
0769e53 Updated from global requirements
107bd0b Fixed Basic optim tempest test
926b790 Fix 2 occurrences of typo: "occured" --> "occurred"
7d704db Add hacking checks to watcher
5c08095 Update docs links to
b579a41 Remove discover from test-requirements
051810d Updated from global requirements
6730202 Fix typos and messages in strategies
fd7c41f Remove unused columns parameters in watcher/db/api
aef1eba test_context_hook_before_method failed
cd60336 Fix dict.keys() PY3 compatible
e7a1ba7 There are some spelling errors in the code.
1b0801a Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
ff43753 Add installation from Debian packages section
21d1610 Update executor to eventlet

3 blueprints and 21 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Audit parameters should be persistent in Db Audit parameters should be persistent in Db 5 Essential Prashanth Hari  11 Implemented
Provide a scoring module for Watcher Provide a scoring module for Watcher 5 Essential Tomasz Kaczynski  11 Implemented
Provides a wrapper to deal with cluster model objects Provides a wrapper to deal with cluster model objects 5 Essential Vincent Françoise  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1552769 #1552769 Document the Watcher API using the API Ref 6 Wishlist aditi sharma  3 Invalid
1548298 #1548298 Command to list the available plugins for strategies/planners/actions/workflow engines 5 Low Vincent Françoise  4 Won't Fix
1598946 #1598946 Initial execution of parallel engines can be racey 1 Undecided Zhai, Edwin  4 Won't Fix
1614296 #1614296 Audit fails to get latest cluster data model 2 Critical Prashanth Hari  10 Fix Released
1614511 #1614511 scheduler of decision_engine doesn't work 2 Critical Viacheslav  10 Fix Released
1614291 #1614291 Audit fails with watcher.decision_engine.scheduling error 3 High Prashanth Hari  10 Fix Released
1617240 #1617240 Some tests fail sometimes, because of plugin loading exception 3 High David TARDIVEL  10 Fix Released
1599556 #1599556 tests fail sometime with "Address already in use" error 4 Medium licanwei  10 Fix Released
1599879 #1599879 we should return FAILED status when we create an audit with unspecified parameters 4 Medium Jinquan Ni  10 Fix Released
1600707 #1600707 use parameters to set the threshold for strategies of Airflow,workload and outlet temerature 4 Medium junjie.huang  10 Fix Released
1614021 #1614021 Remove hardcoded strategy attributes and promote them as strategy parameters 4 Medium Santhosh Fernandes  10 Fix Released
1614568 #1614568 Remove the second initialization of self._goal attribute 4 Medium Alexander Stavitskiy  10 Fix Released
1517843 #1517843 The message executor should work with "eventlet" 5 Low David TARDIVEL  10 Fix Released
1527163 #1527163 Add unit test for watcher/ 5 Low Vincent Françoise  10 Fix Released
1597641 #1597641 Remove unused columns parameters in watcher/db/ 5 Low Muzammil  10 Fix Released
1599368 #1599368 watcher docs build error mesg with wrong module name 5 Low Zhai, Edwin  10 Fix Released
1599849 #1599849 Missing unit tests on watcher/common/ 5 Low licanwei  10 Fix Released
1604248 #1604248 Several typos in Watcher strategies 5 Low Joe Cropper  10 Fix Released
1606634 #1606634 Watcher base action abstract methods should be renamed for consistency 5 Low Joe Cropper  10 Fix Released
1617354 #1617354 Remove unreachable line 5 Low Viacheslav  10 Fix Released
1617376 #1617376 Merge two base scoring modules into one and name it "" 5 Low Alexander Stavitskiy  10 Fix Released
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