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Antoine Cabot
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3 Alexander Chadin, 1 Atul Pandey, 1 Bruno Grazioli, 1 Hidekazu Nakamura, 1 Jaewoo Park, 1 Nishant Kumar, 4 Vincent Françoise
5 Implemented
7 Fix Released

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download icon python-watcher-0.32.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.32.0 8
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5 blueprints and 7 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Make Watcher objects versioned Make Watcher objects versioned 4 High Vincent Françoise  11 Implemented
Notifications in Watcher Notifications in Watcher 4 High Vincent Françoise  11 Implemented
Define the scope of an Audit as a pool of resources Define the scope of an Audit as a pool of resources 3 Medium Alexander Chadin  11 Implemented
Versioned notifications for audits Versioned notifications for audits 3 Medium Vincent Françoise  11 Implemented
Add Watcher Service List Command Add Watcher Service List Command 2 Low Alexander Chadin  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1621036 #1621036 Tempest Plugin gives out DuplicateOptError 4 Medium Nishant Kumar  10 Fix Released
1640096 #1640096 workload stabilization cannot be executed 4 Medium Alexander Chadin  10 Fix Released
1640102 #1640102 workload_stabilization should ignore disabled nodes 4 Medium Hidekazu Nakamura  10 Fix Released
1641955 #1641955 WatcherObject's save() and soft_delete() do not also update the object auto-filled fields 4 Medium Vincent Françoise  10 Fix Released
1634150 #1634150 Remove unused SUBMITTED audit state 5 Low Jaewoo Park  10 Fix Released
1634180 #1634180 Use Enum value instead of String Value 5 Low Atul Pandey  10 Fix Released
1640820 #1640820 Improve documentation of vm_workload_consolidation strategy 6 Wishlist Bruno Grazioli  10 Fix Released
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