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Web Based Conference Planning & Registration

For PyCon2009, we're building a new, modular Registration system. Our ambition in the long run is to architect an entire conference planning, preparation, proposal system in a modular way.

As of 2010.02.23, the repository and bug tracker moved to

After PyCon 2010 (the last year it was used in PyCon) the code is being maintained by Massimo DiPierro at

A older demo version is running at:
- at

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  • Google Checkout Demo on 2008-10-25
    Please try the Google Checkout Demo at
  • Demo Running on Google App Engine on 2008-10-23
    Here is the link for web2conf running on Google App Engine. http://web2py.ap...
  • Asking General Questions on 2008-10-21
    Please ask general questions here, in the Answers section. If you have gener...
  • Logo on 2008-10-15
    I've created 'branding' size logo for web2-Conf. It's simple, and has an un...
  • Demo Location on 2008-10-14
    The Registration Demo for PyCon2009 is available online at