1.7.1 released

Written for wicd by David Paleino on 2012-02-02

WICD 1.7.1 has been released tonight!

Here's the NEWS entry:

 Changes for Packagers:
 - You will now want to use the --python option to setup.py configure to
   make sure the right Python (python2.x) is used. With the Python 3
   transition in progress, the lack of uniformity across distros made it
   difficult to find a solution that works everywhere. As a result, the
   python executable path can be set (for subprocesses launched by Wicd)
   with the --python option to setup.py configure, and patching of the
   shebang lines may be required if `which python` is not python2.x.
 - If you handle translations in your packaging process, setup.py now
   needs 'pybabel' and 'xgettext' binaries. Please provide them during
   the build process.
 - setup.py now accepts three more parameters: --dbus-service=, --systemd=
   and --logrotate=. Please set them accordingly to the paths of your

 Major Changes:
 - (New) upstream author: David Paleino :)
 - The translations are now handled by Rosetta, in Launchpad.
 - Implemented support for wired connections needing authentication with
   wpa_supplicant (thanks Joe MacMahon!)
 - Support 'Never show networks' (thanks Robin Becker!)
 - Mask out sensitive information in the logfile (CVE-2012-0813)

 Minor Changes:
 - Now uses gtkbuilder instead of libglade
 - Fixed bug in script macro expansion
 - Fixed typo in EAP-fast template
 - Applied 1 patch from Archlinux (thanks Rémy Oudompheng)
   - Fixed Python 2.7 support
   - Works if Python3 is the default Python
 - Applied 14 patches from Debian (big thank you to everyone
       who contributed):
   - Includes translations in source tarball
   - Improved documentation
   - Fixed resolv.conf permissions
   - Ignore configparser errors
   - Several others, please see CHANGES for more details
 - Proper localization of all the code has been put in place -- every part
   of the UIs and the daemon should be translated/translatable now!
 - Fixed various bugs with 'unicode in ESSID' handling
 - Implemented rfkill-support
 - Generalized libc linking using ctypes' find_library()
 - Fixed wireless connecting status message, now shows the correct ESSID
 - Support wifi-channels with more than 2 digits
 - Implemented in-GUI password hiding
 - Implemented -t/--tray to only run the wicd-gtk tray icon
 - Support alternative ifconfig output style

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