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Awaking from deep sleep

Written for wicd by Andreas Messer on 2021-10-14

The wicd project has been in state of deep sleep for a while now while Python, GTK continue to develop. I'm trying to get it back on track. This will need several major changes to its code base and will take some time.

1.7.3 released

Written for wicd by Pieter Leclerc on 2014-12-21

This is a bugfixing release, with more than 30 bugs squashed.

One new feature has been added; you can now manually control the speed of the wireless connection.

Here's the NEWS file:

        - New feature: you can now manually control the speed of the wireless connection
        - Lots (30+) of bugfixes (see launchpad or the CHANGES file for details)

1.7.2 released

Written for wicd by David Paleino on 2012-04-11

WICD 1.7.2 has been released tonight.

This release was not really expected for now, but a security issue was found, and that pushed me to release what I had ready, instead of waiting for more bugfixes.

All the remaining fixes which were planned for 1.7.2 (and not already done) have been postponed to 1.7.3.

Here's the NEWS file:

    Major Changes:
    - Fix local privilege escalation when setting configuration properties
      through the daemon's DBus interface (CVE-2012-2095).
    - Support passing no driver to wpa_supplicant.

    Minor Changes:
    - Fixed installation instructions, with the new >= 1.7.1 commands.
    - Fixed typo preventing DHCP hostname from properly working.
    - Renamed wpa templates to clarify usage.
    - Fixed wicd-cli crash when switching wired network profiles.
    - Fallback to mode 'Master' if 'None' is detected when scanning wifi
    - Fixed bug when trying to start wicd multiple times.
    - Fixed wicd-curses crash when trying to select wired encryption type,
      thanks to Joe MacMahon.
    - Fixed wicd-curses crash with UTF-8 encryption types.
    - Fixed wicd-daemon crash when child_pid is undefined, thanks to
      David Cantrell.

1.7.1 released

Written for wicd by David Paleino on 2012-02-02

WICD 1.7.1 has been released tonight!

Here's the NEWS entry:

 Changes for Packagers:
 - You will now want to use the --python option to configure to
   make sure the right Python (python2.x) is used. With the Python 3
   transition in progress, the lack of uniformity across distros made it
   difficult to find a solution that works everywhere. As a result, the
   python executable path can be set (for subprocesses launched by Wicd)
   with the --python option to configure, and patching of the
   shebang lines may be required if `which python` is not python2.x.
 - If you handle translations in your packaging process, now
   needs 'pybabel' and 'xgettext' binaries. Please provide them during
   the build process.
 - now accepts three more parameters: --dbus-service=, --systemd=
   and --logrotate=. Please set them accordingly to the paths of your

 Major Changes:
 - (New) upstream author: David Paleino :)
 - The translations are now handled by Rosetta, in Launchpad.
 - Implemented support for wired connections needing authentication with
   wpa_supplicant (thanks Joe MacMahon!)
 - Support 'Never show networks' (thanks Robin Becker!)
 - Mask out sensitive information in the logfile (CVE-2012-0813)

 Minor Changes:
 - Now uses gtkbuilder instead of libglade
 - Fixed bug in script macro expansion
 - Fixed typo in EAP-fast template
 - Applied 1 patch from Archlinux (thanks Rémy Oudompheng)
   - Fixed Python 2.7 support
   - Works if Python3 is the default Python
 - Applied 14 patches from Debian (big thank you to everyone
       who contributed):
   - Includes translations in source tarball
   - Improved documentation
   - Fixed resolv.conf permissions
   - Ignore configparser errors
   - Several others, please see CHANGES for more details
 - Proper localization of all the code has been put in place -- every part
   of the UIs and the daemon should be translated/translatable now!
 - Fixed various bugs with 'unicode in ESSID' handling
 - Implemented rfkill-support
 - Generalized libc linking using ctypes' find_library()
 - Fixed wireless connecting status message, now shows the correct ESSID
 - Support wifi-channels with more than 2 digits
 - Implemented in-GUI password hiding
 - Implemented -t/--tray to only run the wicd-gtk tray icon
 - Support alternative ifconfig output style

1.7.1 beta 3 released

Written for wicd by David Paleino on 2011-12-06

This is the last beta before the planned release of 1.7.1, which will happen on 17-18 December. Please test it!

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