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Wiican assists to setup your wiimote under GNU/Linux, create and share mappings.
It also provides a d-bus api, so third apps could make use of wiimote easily

Wiican acts as a sytem tray icon. Programmed in python, it connects to udev and bluez via dbus for tracking the available bluetooth devices and wiimote connection status.

On backend it's wminput , the cwiid event driver for wiimote. Wiican uses wminput and wminput configuration files for define and use mappings.

Discover if everything it's ok for connecting wiimote.
Notify the state of wiimote usaging.
User-defined mappings creation, edition and share assistant.
D-Bus API to manage the wiimote connections programatically

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Wiican Team
Wiican Team

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Latest version is 0.3.4

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  • Wiican 0.3.4 released! on 2012-08-16
    Minor release adding new running-default-mapping feature and improved tray ic...
  • Wiican 0.3.3 released! on 2011-08-17
    A new cycle of wiican development has been finished, this time a minor releas...
  • Wiican 0.3.2 released! on 2011-02-13
    Let me introduce you, first, what wiican-0.3.2 offers: HAL replaced with udev...
  • Wiican moving to Gnome on 2010-10-31
    I’m happy to announce Wiican it’s moving infraestructure from Launchpad to Gn...
  • Wiican 0.3.1 released! on 2010-10-23
    This is a minor version for improving desktop integration and documentation. ...