Wikkid Wiki 0.2 "Stand alone"

This milestone is where the wikkid wiki can operate in a stand-alone mode where users can create logins and edit pages.

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Wikkid Wiki
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Stand alone
Tim Penhey
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1 Jelmer Vernooij, 1 Jeroen T. Vermeulen, 7 Tim Penhey, 1 Vincent Ladeuil
3 Not started, 1 Started, 3 Implemented
1 Triaged, 1 In Progress, 4 Fix Committed, 3 Fix Released

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download icon Wikkid-0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) 0.2 release 103
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
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* Changed from twisted.web to webob WSGI for serving the branches
* Show who last modified the file on the wiki page
* Add a Home.txt so wikkid works nicely on itself
* Fix the setup packaging dependencies
* Add textile and markdown formatters
* Add the ability to use a branch rather than a working tree
* Adds a simple man page for wikkid-serve
* Fixed for python 2.7

7 blueprints and 9 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Enable merges through a posted merge directive Enable merges through a posted merge directive 5 Essential   1 Not started
Recent changes Recent changes 5 Essential Tim Penhey  5 Started
Switch from twisted.web to wsgi Switch from twisted.web to wsgi 5 Essential Tim Penhey  11 Implemented
Adding sessions to the server Adding sessions to the server 4 High   1 Not started
local accounts and logins local accounts and logins 4 High   1 Not started
Efficient static file serving Efficient static file serving 4 High   11 Implemented
Have gravatar support Have gravatar support 3 Medium Tim Penhey  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
677978 #677978 should serve bzr branch over http 3 High   7 Triaged
614286 #614286 Creole parser assumes ASCII 1 Undecided Jeroen T. Vermeulen  8 In Progress
802736 #802736 templates are not installed 2 Critical Tim Penhey  9 Fix Committed
695234 #695234 Styling broken when hosted on non-root URL 3 High Tim Penhey  9 Fix Committed
1009789 #1009789 When using a script name with a empty subpath it doesn't redirect to home 3 High Tim Penhey  9 Fix Committed
1009790 #1009790 Branch is not locked when BranchFileStore is opened 3 High Tim Penhey  9 Fix Committed
599562 #599562 INSTALL does not mention twisted dependency 3 High   10 Fix Released
632974 #632974 'bzr' tracebacks, wikkid doesn't properly declare its alias 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
661973 #661973 crashes when saving page as empty 3 High Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
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